Recruitment Agency: Role for Employers and Role for Job Seekers

As the companies are flourishing and every business seems to reach their peak, most of the times they need to fill their vacant spaces soon. Recruitment agency plays a vital role while helping the companies to connect with the job seeker.

Basically, there are two concepts, in this case, one is recruitment while other is employment. The recruitment is a process of seeking the potential worker and the employment is the time when the seeker is being selected for the job.


Both are totally different perspectives, and the same as their process also varies from each other. There are two basic terms used one is employment agency while other is a recruitment agency.

The employment agency works purely for people who are seeking a job and help them, similarly it also guards are a job and seek people to fill this space.

While the recruitment agency is bit different, it works for the company for finding people to appoint for the job according to the project. And in this way, this agency is being paid by the company.

In order to this, the recruitment agencies also have different purposes but the main idea is to fill the vacant spaces as soon as possible. At this time explains the difference;

Role for Employers

The recruiters are always in contact with the employer companies. Once a seat becomes vacant firms contact the recruiter to;

  • Connect the company with a job seeker

Yes, the recruiters already have many job seekers resumes lined up for a specific job. They only match the requirements of the job and seeker and sends the CV.

  • Staffing

These recruitment agencies are master of their work, additional to employment they work for staffing also. For long term or short term projects or else for a permanent job, recruiters know it all.

  • Makes thing easier

This agency also makes the job process easier while being the middleman, this business is already present there to service the employ and the employer during the company’s hiring procedures.

A role for Job Seekers

The recruiter agency works best for job seeker too because it tends to provide the job contacts easily while;

  • Telling the right job opportunities

Yes, the recruiters connect the job seeker’s resume with the opportunity and help in the whole process.

  • Training

Other than aiding in the employment process the recruitment agencies also train for interviews and various software courses that also elevate the CVs outlook. In the same manner, these agencies are also well known to latest job requirements to they offer the same courses in accordance.

  • Revamp the resume

Writing a proper CV is the fundamental requirement, recruitment agency do this for the job seekers and try to bring the best part up.

Going to a Recruitment Company is a good option and also relieves most of the work. Fixing the employment issues and assisting the bread earners in various way possible. They charge according to the project that doesn’t cost more than the first salary itself.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.