Top 7 Mac Productivity Apps for College / University Students

Productivity applications are programs that let users perform essential day to day tasks required at home, school and office such as personal information management, worksheets, graphs, databases and documents.

The main purpose of using productivity apps is to increase the efficiency of users by allowing them to access note-taking, email, calendar, to-do list and reminder apps in addition to presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software.

Benefits of using Productivity Apps for Students

  1. Enhance work peculiarity – College students can set their goals, assign tasks, track work progress, create project reports and communicate with other friends in real-time with the help of productivity tools. Students can share information and check project status in just a few clicks. They focus seriously on their work because each student of the team can trace others.
  2. Improve workflow – University students can manage their multiple projects and tasks simultaneously for increasing productivity. Students can combine information from different sources and share them with their friends and professors. They can send messages to friends individually to catch-up on the project progress.
  3. Unified Communication – Students can establish effective communication across the group because productivity tools support features of live chat, video conferencing, email, files sharing and audio communications.
  4. Time Tracking – If a student is working on an important project as a team member then it is very crucial for him to know the progress of the project at regular intervals. Productivity helps to bring transparency and accountability in a team. In this way, these apps not only track performance but also highlight errors.
  5. Easy to remember tasks – Students often forget about the less important tasks while working on a huge number of tasks which results in the degrading of student performance in the report card. So, it is very important for a college going student to remember all the things. Productivity software’s help in keeping the students alert and attentive because productivity tools record all things and remind the students through a notification about the future tasks in advance.


It is very tricky for a student to organize their time in the proper way and focus on their studies with distractions all around them. Time management is the most important skill for a student not only to find success in academics but also for mental health and other hobbies. Laptops have become an integral part of study as much as copy, books and pens. In this article, I will discuss top productivity apps for the Mac operating system.

1. Evernote

  • This app is designed for note taking, organizing, archiving and task management.
  • Students can create notes in the form of text, drawings, photographs, audio or saved web content.
  • Notes are stored in notebooks and can be tagged, edited, searched and exported.
  • Scannable captures paper quickly and transforms it into high quality scans ready to save or share. Skitch is a free screenshot editing and sharing utility. Web Clipper is a browser extension that allows a user to capture full page articles, images, selected text, important emails and web pages.

2. Alfred

  • This is the best app to find out any file and app by using hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more from a vast collection without having them on the desktop to save a lot of time and effort those students can invest in actual learning.
  • Search your favorite websites with default and custom search keywords.
  • Perform quick mathematics calculations and copy the result to your clipboard.
  • This app has a lot of features like spelling check, quick look, large text, usage status check, clipboard history, hotkeys, navigation, control iTunes, customized themes, file buffer and a lot more.

3. Giphy Capture

  • This is the best app to create GIFs from videos, pictures or anything that is happening on your mac screen.
  • Add captions and adjust export size in just a few clicks.
  • Edit clips down to a specific frame and share it with your friends or save to your GIPHY account in just one click.
  • Good app for both teachers and students to show off their projects in an entertaining way.

4. Paste

  • This is the world’s favorite clipboard manager for Mac. It stores everything you copy and keeps your clipboard organized across all your devices.
  • This app allows you to instantly find any text, link, file and image that you have ever copied on any of your devices by storing it in unlimited clipboard capacity.
  • Create pins for frequently used items and keep them just a click away.
  • This app has an intuitive interface and offers features like edit, stack and instant iCloud synchronization.

5. Macfly Pro

  • This is a simple and powerful Mac assistant app that keeps an eye on the computer and ensures its well-being.
  • This app cleans user and system caches, broken application data and media leftovers.
  • Handles duplicate files on Mac and uninstalls rarely used apps.
  • Safely clean Macs, control storage space and improve Mac speed.

6. iStudiez Pro

  • This is the planner app for high school, college or university students which combines tracking schedule, assignments, homework and grades with a delightful user experience.
  • Catch up with your daily schedule and tasks. Real time mode shows you only what happens shortly.
  • Get in control over your homework before it takes control of you.
  • Use a planner to manage your courses and classes details, locations, instructors’ information, holidays and grades.
  • Two way integration with macOS calendar app.

7. Manuscripts

  • This app is a writing tool for complex research documents from outlining the paper to the editing, proofreading and publishing stages.
  • Manages the figure files and even converts them into the needed format when exporting.
  • This app has a simple table editor with a beautiful body, built-in and customizable headers and footer styles.
  • This app offers features like controlled file format, flexible import and export options, multi-figure panels, citation workflow, table editing and equations.


Always research before buying the productivity software and ensure that it has been loaded with the features you want. Sometimes, there is no need to purchase productivity software because many free productivity software are also capable of fulfilling our need.

Users should invest time to understand what the software does and how it works because it will be very frustrating if the user has no idea about how to input and how the tools work on software. Productivity software’s are functions rich. Productivity software has numerous functions so keep them simple and do not overcomplicate them because if you make it over complicate then it could do more harm than benefit.

Bradley Wood is a freelance writer who lives in Pomona, Los Angeles. He is pursuing graduation from the University of California (UC). Bradley frequently contributes his high-quality articles in Academics and Education to our site to help students in their day-to-day life.