Transfer Files Between Android Phones & Mac PC with MacDroid

File transfers between Android devices and Macs were nearly impossible at a point in time in the past. Since then, there have been numerous software that has tried to bridge this chasm. MacDroid is one such app that has hit the market recently. Though a number of applications had previously been launched, all of them were third-party software that was mostly pretty basic in their functionality. But the launch of MacDroid has been a revelation, as Mac users worldwide have been pooling their hopes on this working out great.


Important MacDroid Features

MacDroid has been designed to make file transfer between macOS and Android almost as hassle-free as transferring files from android to windows or iOS to macOS. And barring a few small tasks, MacDroid seems to have gotten the job done. Here is a quick breakdown of the features offered by MacDroid:

  • Copy files from Mac to Android and vice versa
  • Edit files located on the Android from your Mac
  • Transfer photos, docs, videos, and other files
  • Finger integration
  • ADB mode
  • MTP mode

While transferring files from Android to Mac, having all the features that Windows users have while transferring files from Android was nearly impossible before MacDroid. But not all promises pan out. So we are going to look into the workings of MacDroid and give our verdict on whether it is worth it.

How does Macdroid work? And how well does it work?

Well, there has been a lot of applications in the past which claimed almost everything that MacDroid has been claiming. So we obviously took it with a pinch of salt and conducted a series of tests based on the claims with the android devices we have handy to assess the validity of those claims. The results weren’t extraordinary or groundbreaking, but the user-friendly nature of this application cannot be understated.

Once you are done installing MacDroid, you can go ahead and plug in your Android phone to your Mac with the necessary cable at your disposal. But it is suggested to use the cable that was enclosed in the packaging with your phone. Using third-party hardware may give rise to incompatibility issues.

Once plugged in, you need to enable the USB debugging option on your phone. If the option was already enabled, a prompt would appear on your computer accompanied by an “RSA key fingerprint” which would be unique to your computer. And this prompt would have an allow button at the very bottom.

Once allowed, MacDroid will open up on the screen with a complete and systematic breakdown of the relevant information regarding the device that has been connected to your pc. And you also have the additional option of changing the name of the phone on your computer and view its serial number. But the crowning feature is probably the ability granted by MacDroid to open your files in a new Finder window.

macdroid FS

The brilliant use of Finder is probably the TRP of MacDroid as an Android file transfer app. Unlike most applications of this type, MacDroid did not create a separate application to be used during the transfer of files. Instead, MacDroid virtually mounts your phone on the computer and makes it possible for Finder to read it. Basically, it works on the same principle of plugging in a flash drive or an external HDD.

Once your phone is mounted, all you need to do is find it in the navigation menu which is situated on the left side of a standard Finder window. And once you do that it is a piece of cake. All you then need to do is transfer the files which you want. We didn’t run into any issues while using the android phones at our disposal.

But there have been a few cases of a message popping up which stated, ‘android file transfer not working’. In that case, follow the given link to get additional help on the situation.

Final verdict

When it comes to android file transfer, Macdroid truly is one of the best in the business. Moving files between macOS and Android has never been this seamless before. And for added bonus, the inclusion of Finder in the process gives off a feel that MacDroid is actually an integrated part of the macOS software.

MacDroid has a 7 day free trial period for the pro license. And after it is over you can only keep transferring from your android to your Mac. If you want to keep the pro benefits you have to be the license at $19.99/year. The main feature of the pro license is the seamless transference of files back and forth from your android to your Mac.

To conclude, MacDroid is an immensely handy tool for android file transfer without having to switch to Windows from your MacOS.

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