Save Instagram Videos in HD with VideoDuke Instagram Downloader

One of the primary pastime activities in today’s digitized world is to watch movies, videos, shows, etc. online on either your cellphone, pc, or smart tv. Almost everything is at our fingertips online. But what do you do when you are out of the coverage area? You have hours to kill at a distant hill station before you can begin your trek to watch the sunrise. You cannot fall asleep lest you miss the sunrise. And you don’t have network coverage so you cannot even watch your favorite tv show to kill the time. This is exactly where VideoDuke comes in. It is one of the most popular and all-encompassing software designed to download videos from most popular video-sharing and video-hosting websites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion on computers that run on macOS.

Today we are going to do a comprehensive review of VideoDuke is a video downloading software and weigh out its pros and cons before delivering our final verdict.


How to download and install VideoDuke on Mac

Downloading the VideoDuke software is one of the easiest tasks ever. All you need to do is go to the official website of VideoDuke. Once there, you need to download this Instagram video downloader’s installer specific to the software. After the download is over, all that is left is the installation.

Very easy steps and instructions would guide you through the installation process. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to install.

Features of VideoDuke Instagram Downloader

There are a number of features that make VideoDuke stand out from other applications and software available in this field.

Dual Mode

VideoDuke has two different modes, namely – Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. The Simple Mode, as it is so aptly named, only requires you to copy the URL and paste it on the site, and hit download. The Advanced Mode on the other hand has a number of innovative controls to give you absolute power over your downloads. You can choose to download subtitles, other qualities or any carry out other tweaks you deem fit before pushing that download button. Basically, the Simple Mode is for those in a hurry. And for people who have enough time, the Advanced Mode is the best bet.

Download videos

VideoDuke is one of the foremost all-round video downloading software in the market. From tv shows, movies, music videos to working as a Facebook video downloader or Instagram downloader mac, this application lets you handle everything with ease.

Seamless YouTube video download

Most youtube video downloaders allow you to download videos from youtube by copying the URL of a video and then downloading it. But there are very few, if any, software out there that allows you to download entire playlists without having to copy and paste the URL of each and every video individually. Moreover, VideoDuke allows you to download whole channels. This is another feature that sets VideoDuke apart in the seemingly endless list of youtube downloaders.

Download audio

A huge chunk of the available video downloaders does not support audio download. Hence it takes up a lot of space unnecessarily because to download the audio one has to download the video too. But VideoDuke allows you to download just the audio of any video you want. And in doing so saves you a lot of data traffic, hassle, and digital space.


Integrated browser

Anybody who has had to download a lot of videos would understand the crucial nature of this feature. No longer do you need to copy and paste URLs from all over to download them. You just can search the videos in the browser and download them.


Almost everybody has numerous bookmarks in their browsers to help them find important things quickly. VideoDuke offers the same facility too. So if you are looking to download something the next time, you know exactly where to look.

Drawbacks of VideoDuke

For software that promises so much, there are bound to be a few drawbacks. As per our tests, we found two notable drawbacks in the workings of the application. Firstly, the download manager can be improved. For software that gives you such a seamless experience, the download manager certainly puts a spanner in the works. Secondly, it is not compatible with Windows OS.

Final verdict

VideoDuke is comparatively cheap with the price of an individual license coming at $19.95/year. And its all-around performance makes it the perfect fit for people who do not know how to navigate their way around technology with expertise but have the basic knowledge of wandering around. It provides an application with packed features that enable users to do a plethora of activities if they just understand the basic workings of a computer.

In conclusion, we would definitely suggest VideoDuke for people who are looking for an application that would allow them to download videos, audios, etc. but don’t have adequate expertise to do it on their own. VideoDuke is an ideal app for users who are looking for a wide range of activities in one single app.

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