Recover Lost or Deleted Files with Magoshare Data Recovery

Data loss is such a terrible thing and the worst thing about it is that it can’t be prevented. You never know when a virus attacks your system and damages your data or your hard disk gets crashed. You may also delete your data accidentally or lose data due to a lost partition. There are various factors which lead to data loss.

You can do a thing which is to backup your data so that it can be restored in case of data loss. But what if you do not have a backup of your data? Is it completely lost? Can you get it back?

Well yes, you can recover lost data as it is not permanently deleted. All you need to have is a good data recovery software. And talking about great data recovery software, Magoshare Data Recovery is one of the best and powerful tools. Let’s get to know about Magoshare Data Recovery in detail.

Why Should You Prefer Magoshare Data Recovery

There is plenty of data recovery software available, but why Magoshare Data Recovery? what’s there in Magoshare Data Recovery that makes this data recovery software a better one? Let’s find out.

  • Easy To Handle

    Let’s start with the ease of use Magoshare Data Recovery offers you. It is really convenient to use this data recovery software as you get a really user-friendly interface. Not only user-friendly but it is also great in design and its overall look that you would love to work with this software. The clean and clutter-free interface is really pleasing to work with.

  • Resolve All Data Loss Issues

    We all know that there is not only a single reason behind data loss. Your data can be lost due to several reasons. You may have accidentally deleted your file which you need to get back or some virus or malware may have attacked your system causing loss of data. Data loss can occur due to system corruption. A lost partition also causes data loss. Human error, logical error crashed hard drive, etc can also lead to data loss.

    So, Magoshare Data Recovery offers you to recover all your data no matter what caused it. Irrespective of the reason for data loss, you can easily recover data using this data recovery software. You can recover all the deleted formatted or inaccessible data with the help of Magoshare Data Recovery. It also supports RAW recovery.

  • Recover Data from All Devices

    Not only from your computer or laptop but Magoshare Data Recovery is also able to recover data from other devices. It can recover data from local/external hard drive (HDD, SSD). You can also recover the lost data from USB flash drive, SD card,  memory card,  MP3/4, digital camera, etc. Not enough? you can also recover data from large hard disk, RAID, a server system and other storage devices.

  • Easily Recover All Kind Of Data

    Another great thing about Magoshare Data Recovery is that it supports various kinds of data to be recovered. You can recover almost every kind of data by this data recovery tool. Whether it contains documents like PDF, Microsoft documents, text, etc, audio, videos, emails, archives, images, photos, drawings or any other kind of data, you can recover it all.

  • Safe And Effective

    Magoshare Data Recovery is pretty effective that it can recover all the recoverable data. It scans each and every corner of your system and finds all the data it can recover for you. The deeps scan takes a little longer time but presents you every possible data that you can recover.

    You also don’t need to worry about the data present on your system as it only does read-only data recovery process and does not touch any other data available on your system, So you should free from the fear of data overwritten or damage.

Steps To Recover Lost Data Using Magoshare Data Recovery

Below is the complete process to recover your lost data using Magoshare Data Recovery. Simply follow these few steps and recover all your data.

  1. First, download Magoshare Data Recovery on your system. It is available for both, Windows and Mac. Also, a free trial version is available which allows you to recover only 200MB of data. So, you can try the free trial for testing the software and buy the complete version if you need to recover more data.
  2. Now, launch the software on your system. The first page of the software would require you to select the drives or partition form which you need to recover the data. You can select one location at a time and then hit the Scan button.
  3. The scanning process will take a little time according to the amount of recoverable data available on your system. It took about a minute to scan about 191000 files on my system.
  4. So, once the scanning is done, you could see all the recoverable data. It also lets you sort the data according to its type, time and the path of the files.
  5. You can then preview the data by double-clicking on the desired file. After that, you just have to select all the data you wanna recover and hit the recover button.
  6. It would then ask you to select the location where you would like to store the recovered data.
    It is better not to choose the location where you lost that data to prevent any data over-writing. At last click the save button and that’s all you have to do.


Magoshare Data Recovery has three plans to allow every user access to its amazing features and recover their deleted data. It has a free trial version which allows you to recover up to 200 MB and, for users with serious requirements, you can grab the software’s one year license for just $49.95. However, for professionals, I will recommend going for lifetime versions which costs just $69.95 but you will have all its features, updates and support available for the lifetime.

  • Free Trial – Recovers up to 200 MB
  • 1-Year License – $49.95
  • Lifetime License – $69.95


I found Magoshare Data Recovery to be a powerful data recovery software, It offers you all the features a data recovery software should have and that too at a decent price. The safe and quick data recovery is the plus point of this data recovery software. The trial version is enough if you want to recover a small data otherwise the full version would do good to you. All I have to say that it is worth trying data recovery software. So, if you haven’t, Download Magoshare Data Recovery and give it a try.