How to Make from Your Standing Desk Effective Workplace?

If you work at a desk, doesn’t matter whether your working place is located in an office or at home, you might have the issues common to the majority of office workers:

  • Pains in the back, neck, and headaches;
  • Constant feeling of fatigue and discomfort;
  • Weight gain up to issues with obesity.

You know perfectly that these issues never come alone. With time, if no measures are taken, they develop into more serious and sometimes, incurable medical conditions. Among them, there are even constant migraines, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

This all influences your work efficiency, and the results of your work might not satisfy you at all.

However, you can change everything if you rearrange your working place by turning it into an innovative hub that will take care of your health and work motivation.

Your Desk Is the Main Device in Your Office

Your desk is the main component that influences your health condition and work efficiency directly. If you work at an old desk, it is time to replace it even if it is still nice.

A nice height-adjustable desk with all the needed accessories and an advanced and convenient desk wire management system will change your complete approach to a working place. It is important though to know how to choose the right furniture piece.

Choose the Desk Correctly

There are several criteria to check before making a purchase. While the exact specifications might vary depending on your needs, some features are mandatory for your desk to have. Those are the following:

  1. Make sure the desk fits in the space assigned for it. If you have a bigger flat or house, you might be more flexible with this criterion. But if you need to fit your height-adjustable desk into a smaller space, we recommend measuring the available space accurately and look for the appropriate desk size.
  2. The lifting power must correspond with your needs. If you use just one monitor and, say, some papers or small accessories, a standard lifting power will be sufficient. However, if you use a couple of monitors, a printer, or other heavier equipment, check whether the selected desk is able to lift and lower the weight without accidents. If you doubt, we advise you to contact the manufacturer`s customer support and ask them to calculate the needed lifting power.
  3. Noise generation level is important if you don’t want to hate your desk every time when you lift/lower it. Though for different people, this value might differ significantly.

Finally, you might want to choose a specific colour, a particular shape (an L-shape desk or a usual form desk), or whatever else you might consider important. This is a significant investment but it will pay off.

Make Your Own Standing Desk

It might be that the cost of a standing desk is too high. This is not the reason to get desperate though. You can make your own standing desk, and you can even use for it the desk top that you have.

Get a lift system for the desk, and fix the top to the lift system. That’s it, the basic working hub is ready.

standing desk workplace

Accessories Add Comfort

Your desk alone is already a huge improvement of the working place. However, some accessories will make it all perfect.

  • A monitor support will help you to adjust the monitor at the needed height and tilt. Also, it will provide you more storage space on the desk top.
  • A paper clip is irreplaceable if you work with documents. With this small item, you can fix a sheet of paper on the monitor, at the needed height, at the level of your eyes. You will notice how comfortable it is and how much time you save once you do so.
  • A cable management system is needed to make your desk look neat and to avoid cables tangle. We recommend buying it even for safety reasons, otherwise, you might stumble over a cable and fall or break expensive equipment.
  • A chair is one more item to invest in. While it doesn’t belong to a desk arrangement but without a proper chair, all your effort will be wasted. Get a height-adjustable chair. It will allow you to adjust the height to feel comfortable during work. The chair has to have a headrest and armrests.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know approximately how a good working place shall look. While there are many more items to add to make it perfect, you can already enjoy an increased comfort level. You will see how beneficial the new desk and accessories are for both your health and your work efficiency. With time, you might want to add such items as an ergonomic carpet to avoid pains in the feet when standing, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, and many more devices.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.