Top 10 Tips to Make Small Home Feel Bigger & More Spacious

For the last few decades, with the ongoing development of civilization, it has seemed that the world has been embellished with several McMansions which have made our very own cozy dwellings so smaller. According to some research reports, from the year 2015 to now on, the fresh built nuclear family housing sizes have been curtailed more than 78 square feet approx and bachelor apartments’ sizes have been decreased more than 18 square feet. But that really doesn’t mean that living in a confined place would hamper your comfort and make you feel restricted.

Each and every one of us dreams of a big house with spacious rooms to live in. But all of our desires never fulfill, most of us are compelled to adjust in a small one. So, the best thing we can do is to renovate our homes with some quirks that would make our living place seem larger than before.

Spacious Home

Therefore, in this article, we are going to enlighten you with some of those amazing home renovation ideas to upgrade your home to a new look and also make it more spacious & happy.

Color the rooms with light monochromatic hues

Using soft-toned colors to paint your house makes the rooms look much brighter and larger. Try to paint, trim, and create detailing on the walls by using different shades of the same color. This will make your rooms feel more airy also. Moreover, you can also opt for crown molding with neutral paints. These kinds of designs catch the eyes upwards and make the ceilings seem much higher.

Choose multifunctional furnitures

Buy furniture that can be used in several different ways. Such as, select a coffee table that has an extra sitting gear assembled in it or get a multitasking kitchen table that can also be used as a working desk too. Buying such smart and confined featured furniture would be the best choice to make the area look broader.

multi functional furniture

Hang the curtains from the ceilings

According to the suggestion of the owner of Denise Gianna Designs, “Hang window treatments outside of window frames and right at or a couple of inches below the ceiling to fool the eye”. Generally, we fix the curtain holder just immediately upon the window and hanging curtains from there turn the room looking smaller. But applying the former idea would improvise the total scenario. Keep those curtains hanging till the floor and curtail bulk drape fabrics. Choose sheer curtains instead of dark solid color ones. Passing natural light though the sheer fabrics draw the eyes towards the windows and create illusions of a larger space. You can also use blinds or shades that match with the wall paint.

Place mirrors to the opposite walls of the windows

It is a very much known fact that a mirror helps light to bounce around inside a small space. Especially if it is a small room with only one window to let natural lights inside, then placing a mirror can help to give it a wider range. Consider attaching mirrors across from the doors or windows. So that it can catch the mirror views of the other rooms or outdoors. If a rectangular mirror is placed designedly, it would give you an illusion of room beyond the rooms. Moreover, you can also keep your eyes on your naughty ones activities through the mirror!

Mirror on the Hall

Add an integrated book-shelf in the living room

Everyone has bookshelves in the houses that occupy a pretty much area of any of the rooms. Though freestanding bookcases are considerable, still if you want to make your living space larger, you must opt for confining the bookcases into the room’s wall. It will help you to save your valuable floor space and you can get rid of the disarrangements of your living room. You can also color the bookcase as the same color as the wall which will make the room look elaborated.

Install the TV on the wall

Avoid the idea of placing your TV in your living room on a piece of the wooden counter. Instead of doing that attach the TV with a holder on the wall. Moreover, don’t hang the TV on the wall that has wall decors too. It will make the room look too cramped. Hanging TV on the wall would save your floor space and give the room a tidy view.

Set a foldable dining table 

The dining table usually dominates most of the space in the center of the dining room. Get a drop-leaf mechanized dining that becomes larger when you have too many guests to dine with. Else you can fold it to the corner of the dining room and can make a cozy dining corner for you and your partner! Except for keeping extra chairs, wall benches can be arranged to save space.

Folding Dining

Add inbuilt storage furnitures

Always invest in buying furniture that contains storage space inside. Such as diwan sets, beds that have drawers underneath etc. So that you can store your regular usable things inside them and make your once scattered rooms picture perfect and widen enough.

Avoid hanging too many decorative arts on the walls

Try not to make your rooms’ walls too full by hanging several wall decors or photos. This makes the rooms look clumsy. Use minimal wall decoration and leave more spaces. The wide and empty wall makes the room become more spacious.

Wall hanging

Stick to larger and low-slung furniture and decors

Instead of buying too many small pieces of furniture, invest in buying larger pieces with maximum storage. Gathering unnecessary stools, chairs, or counters in a room makes it seriously untidy to look at. Try to buy furniture that matches the color of the room’s wall. Too many color variations make the room seem cluttered. Eliminate keeping high-back chairs or high-rise lamps as those are really odd fitting for smaller rooms. Use low-slung room decors to make the ceilings appear taller.

I hope, the above guidelines will help you to renovate your smaller property wider and spacious.

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