Cloud/hosted PBX Technology and Customer Retention

Cloud/hosted PBX as a Business Telephone System

Cloud/ hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephony solution for business communication. The communication system is an online voice and data exchange service that is owned and managed by an outside service provider. Organisations primarily choose this option as opposed to traditional on-premise communication systems, to save on the costs of resources and training, as well as the time taken for independently developing and managing the system.

Cloud PBX is a stable, reliable and efficient system for managing and monitoring communications between business partners, employees and customers. The system allows businesses to engage in communication exchanges between business representatives and customers with queries, issues or product/service concerns. 

Many organisations have to make the decision between outsourcing Cloud PBX technology or remaining with traditional telephone communication services.

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Why Invest in Technological Services like Cloud PBX?

In the 21st century, technological services and digital platforms available to businesses are advancing rapidly. The way in which customers purchase products or services is changing. Expectations for satisfaction are rising and consumers are becoming more focused on the process, interactions and experience they have with businesses, rather than the physical product or service they purchase.

Looking towards the future, if businesses wish to develop or maintain a competitive position in the market it is crucial they make use of the appropriate technologies and keep up with the digital advancements available on the market. Customer needs are constantly shifting, organisations that realise and preempt these changes to best satisfy consumers wishes, will hold advantage in the marketplace.

Here’s How Integrating a Cloud PBX Communication Service into your Business can Positively Impact Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates.

Among the many advantages for businesses to invest in Cloud PBX technologies, improved customer satisfaction and ultimate retention of customers has proven to be one of the main factors driving businesses to invest in the service.

Customer retention is the ability of a business to attract customers, satisfy customers’ needs and keep them coming back and continuously supporting the business.

Did you know: Market research shows it is 25 times more expensive to gain a new customer, as opposed to retaining an existing one. Repeat customers are also more likely to increase their spending as well as purchase products/services more frequently from the organisation than a new customer is.

Customer Support System

Cloud PBX technology offers multi-channel solutions, this allows consumers access to direct support available to them, to best suit their needs. The quicker and more direct the customers’ needs are met, the more satisfied they will be with the service experience and overall impression of the organisation. Cloud PBX also allows management to easily monitor customer experience, connecting them with the right department representatives to answer their concerns and creating open communication for improved services.

Remote Working Opportunity for Improved Customer Satisfaction

With the ongoing progression of technology and digital advancement, remote work is becoming more common, more individuals are seeking ways to work remotely in different parts of the world. Cloud PBX telephony allows ease of communication between business members in different time zones and parts of the world. Removing the requirement for all employees to be at the same place at the same time. 

At times customers can be very demanding, having high expectations for customer service assistance from organisations. With Cloud PBX, remote working for customer service representatives has never been as beneficial as it is today. With an efficient and interconnected telephone system.

Customer service representatives can be anywhere in the world. The development of cloud communication solutions has not only made remote working in customer service possible but also introduced it as a highly strategic option for improving customer retention rates.

Employees Role in Customer Satisfaction

Employees are the most important factor in creating and maintaining happy and satisfied customers. Having employees using a communication platform that is easy to access, understand and use allows them to operate effectively and efficiently. If it is easy for employees to use the technology they are more inclined to perform their jobs productively, meeting the customers needs more accurately. After all the basis of customers communication with the organisation is through the employees.

The advanced features of Cloud PBX also make it simple and easy for management to monitor employee’s performance and communications with customers. Thus, the process of identifying problems in the system (CRM system delays, data management, effects of loyalty programs and marketing strategies) is easier to manage on a timely basis.

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