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On August 23, 2017
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If I ask you which is the most useful part of your computer or laptop, what will you say? RAM? Processor?? Display??? NO! It is the hard disk. Why? Because it contains every single bit of important information that we have saved on our PC. If any other PC component damages, we can remove and replace it with new part, it’s just going to cost few bucks but if the hard disk gets corrupted which is having critical project details it, confidential information, important documents, etc. then the loss can vary from few hundreds of bucks to a million of dollars.

However, damage of hard disk is not the only manner by which people lose their important data. In fact, most of the time users lose data because they don’t know how to use hard disk properly. They don’t know how to manage it, optimize it, create new partitions, delete partition, format, properly restore data or hard disk partitions. But I don’t blame them because Windows doesn’t provide any easy-to-use hard drive management tools in any of its operating system versions.

May be, they don’t feel its importance or may be they forget it in the race of providing the most attractive operating system. Whatever the case may be, we can’t wait forever to get a good hard-disk management tool from Windows when our data is at constant risk of getting corrupted or lost inside these hard disk partitions due to our day-to-day activities, software modifications, viruses, updates, unintentional changes that keep on happening on the system.

Smart is the one who takes measures before something bad happens. And, here in this situation, smart is that person who has already found the way to properly manage hard disk because waiting for something bad to happens like corruption of hard disk or losing of your important files & data means that you’ve suffered a significant amount of loss already. For such smart computer users, EaseUS has released EaseUS Partition Master to allow them to manage their hard disk partition easily.

EaseUS Partition Manager

EaseUS Partition Manager is an essential software that allows anyone with a little computer skill to properly manage hard disk partition. This easy to use software allows users to perform several important operations on the hard disk which were extremely tough otherwise.

Ever wanted to partition hard disk in the exact size that you want? Ever wanted to delete current partition and then merge the deleted space to another partition? Ever wanted to safely merge two existing hard drive partitions without any data loss? Do you want to clone whole hard disk partition? Have you accidentally deleted some important files or formatted whole volume which you want to recover now? 

With EaseUS Partition Manager, you’ll be able to do all these operations. With its easy & fast software interface, not only it is exceptionally easy to perform these complicated operations but also incredibly fast.



In general, EaseUS Partition Manager provides 3 major hard disk functions – Partition Manager, Drive & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Restore Wizard which expands to several small/big hard disk operations and overall covers all the possible operations that you will ever want to perform in your hard-disk, safely. There are several other important tools the software features which makes EaseUS Partition Manager one of its kind.

Let us read each and every important feature of this software in detail and know how can they help us in managing our hard disk and protecting its data.

Features of EaseUS Partition Manager

Roughly a 40MB software, EaseUS Partition Manager can trick users into thinking what good such mini software can do but don’t judge a book by its cover. EaseUS Partition Manager is providing such cool hard disk management features which are hard to find even in those expensive software of hundreds of MBs which are being advertised everywhere.

Partition Management

This partition management system provides you full control over your hard-disk and allows you to manage its every single bit in such optimized way so that you’ll be able to store data in a much-organized way for proper & faster access. Using Partition change/move function, you can enlarge your NTFS system partition without rebooting the system. Merge two or more hard-disk partitions into one without losing any data.

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EaseUS Partition Master can even trace unallocated storage space, show it to you and allow you to either merge it to any existing partition to increase its size or create a new separate hard disk partition out of it.


Partition Restore

It is one of the most important features provided by this hard-disk management software because accidents happen, data gets deleted or corrupted, hard-disk crash happens and sometimes while performing updates, software modifications or due to system crash, PC doesn’t boot. In all such cases, EaseUS Partition Master can help you restore the partition, retrieve lost data and restore lost storage space.

Partition/Hard Disk Copy

If you have ever copied a partition by yourself, you knew how much annoying it is. The PC gets slow, you start getting random errors, dialogue box, copy operation gets aborted due to “file in use” error, copy happens painfully slow and many files don’t even get copied. EaseUS Partition Master has sorted out all these frustrating errors. It allows you to copy whole hard disk partition or multiple partitions through its partition cloning wizard which clones all your files & other meta data from source to destination smoothly.

EaseUS Partition Cloning Wizard


With EaseUS Partition Manager, you can smoothly copy whole operating system or all its important system files without reinstalling everything. This can be a time & money saving process when you are in a hurry to use your new system or you don’t have Windows CD to install the OS in your other computer again.

Function of Conversion

After Windows 7, a lot of things got changed like the disk format, partition type, file syntax, etc. that’s why users get a lot of issues due to unsupported GPT or MBR formats, FAT/NTFS File System, etc. If you’re also facing this issue then EaseUS Partition manager tool can fix this problem permanently. It has tools to convert MBR to GPT (or vice verse), primary to the logical partition (or vice verse), FAT to NTFS (or vice verse). Now, no more compatibility issues regarding software or hardware.

The features list doesn’t end yet. There are lots of features which are going to be helpful to you:

  • Dynamic hard drive management tool to convert dynamic disk to base without any data loss
  • PC Cleanup & Optimization tools to keep PC performance at peak
  • Permanently delete sensitive data.
  • Create, format, delete, hide partitions in simple steps
  • Create WinPE Emergency Disk
  • Linux partition management

… removable storage device support, restoration of FAT, NTFS, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3 partitions, 16 TB GPT disk support and a lot more.

Download EaseUS Partition Master

For those who have some light hard-disk management task, EaseUS provides Free version of EaseUS Partition Master which supports 8TB hard disk capacity and allows features such as partition, resize / copy / merge / create / wipe / check / hide, 4K Alignment to optimize the performance of SSD and hard drive.

But if you have heavy duty task and you want to take benefit of all these amazing hard-disk management features that I told you above, buy EaseUS Partition Master PRO version which only costs € 43.96 but saves your hundreds of dollars when required. This PRO version is also available as free trial for you to properly use and test EaseUS Partition Master PRO hard-disk management tool by yourself.

Follow this link to download or Buy EaseUS Partition Master

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