Marijuana – Harmful or Helpful

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug and is a name given to the plant cannabis. Cannabis originated from Central Asia and is one of the oldest psychotropic drugs known. It contains more than 460 chemicals known as cannabinoids. Since the marijuana plant contains certain chemicals, some argue that it should be legal for medical purposes to help treat a range of illnesses and symptoms.

As scientists continue to identify medicinal benefits in marijuana more countries and local governments have become pro-pot. In fact, most states have legalized medical marijuana. If you live in Virginia, you can get your VA medical marijuana card online! Many of them making marijuana recreational or medicinal so that people can buy marijuana seeds and grow it themselves.

The two most commonly studied chemicals in the plant cannabis which are also approved by the FDA are Delta dine tetrahydrocannabinol known as THC and cannabidiol known as CBD. THC is a cannabinoid responsible for the main psychoactive effects where CBD is non-psychoactive meaning that you can’t get high. CBD which is chemically similar to THC is also known to reduce nausea, suppress seizure activity, combat neurodegenerative disorders, and combat tumor and cancer cells.

Do you know that our body naturally creates THC and CBD? Yes, they do. These are endogenous cannabinoids occur naturally the mammalian brain and body and a part of the endocannabinoid system which consists of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors. It involved in a variety of psychological processes, the main goal of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain homeostasis which is to maintain a stable internal environment by changes in the external environment.

So it is responsible for keeping our biological functions imbalance it’s such a sleep, immune system, pain, and much more. So more sick our body lacks the correct balance of endocannabinoid and that’s when marijuana comes into rescue. And the cannabinoids which are THC and CBD sign of the plant mimic the endocannabinoids and stimulates cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body to restore the balance in with the bodies and the cannabinoids are not able to restore alone.

Could it help treat patients? There is no definite answer since it is a relatively new form of treatment and so researchers are continuing to conduct preclinical and clinical trials with marijuana to treat many diseases and conditions such as HIV and AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and, Alzheimer’s disease.

Marijuana has been shown to treat pain spasticity experience by patients with multiple sclerosis which is a neurological disease of the central nervous system. It occurs when the myelin layers of accidents in the brain are degraded causing ineffective and spastic neuronal signals. This causes the spasticity which is characterized by tight or stiff muscles and an inability to control this message effectively. As a result, a patient with multiple sclerosis experience pain.

Medical marijuana is recommended to provide the least when normal pain medicines do not work or have unwanted side effects. Canada and several European countries have approved the use C-tablets which is a non-sprint containing THC and CBD used to release spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis. Decriminalization of weed in Canada has opened a Canada weed dispensary where people can buy weed online. It’s available in various forms like Shatter, Budget Buds, Pineapple express, and several others.

A meta-analysis reports the treated patients reported greater improvement after the use of C-tablets. These products providing options for patients with pain is not improved by traditional drugs. Even though these studies support the use of marijuana long-term studies need to be done to prove sufficient adequacy.

What are some of the risks and side effects of using marijuana? Some of those factors experienced by patients taking marijuana included getting high, increase appetite, depression, red eyes, and, increase heart rate. For appetizer, people can also have benefits from steroids Canada. As a result, researchers have not conducted enough large-scale clinical trials to show the benefits of using marijuana as treatment is recommended that you speak to your physician about whether you should use medical marijuana to treat your symptoms and disease.

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