Microsoft Cloud Certifications Explained

Microsoft Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides a wide range of cloud services, including those for computing, analytics, storage and networking. From the services explained below, you can choose to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications, in the public cloud. Let me explain you a few Microsoft cloud certifications for better understanding:

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

This is a replacement certification, designed to demonstrate foundation level information of Azure-based cloud services. it’s double-geared toward individuals in non-technical roles, like sales and buying, or for those in technical roles wanting to validate foundation level information in cloud services.

To obtain this certification you would like to complete one exam:

Exam: AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Administrator Associate

This certification is meant to demonstrate associate level information of the way to implement, monitor, and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions. It includes major services associated with cypher, storage, network, and security, and is aimed toward those in body and technical roles wanting to validate administration information in cloud services.

To obtain this certification, you would like to complete one communication. Combined, these replace the currently retired 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions communication, and therefore the AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams, that retired in could 2019:

Exam: AZ-103 – Microsoft Azure Administrator

If you’ve got already passed 70-533, then you had through June 2019 (at that purpose it absolutely was retired) to pass solely the one transition exam:

Exam: AZ-102 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate

This certification is intended to demonstrate developer-level information of the way to design, build, test, and maintain cloud solutions like applications and services. It additionally tests the power to partner with cloud answer architects, cloud DBAs, cloud directors, and purchasers to implement these solutions. it’s designed for those in developer and technical roles wanting to validate development and implementation information in cloud services. To obtain this certification you would like to complete one exam:

Exam: AZ-203 – Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Note that there’s not a transition method provided by Microsoft for people who have passed the retired 70-532 communication and earned associated certifications. If you’ve got passed 70-532, you want to still pass AZ-203 to earn this certification. Additionally note that as a part of the beta communication program, there was a transition communication, AZ-202, however this communication are retired as of 3/31/2019 and cannot qualify for a certification transition.

Finally, there have been additionally 2 beta exams, AZ-200 and AZ-201. These have additionally been retired, and don’t presently issue into the new certification.

Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate

This certification is meant to demonstrate developer-level information of the way to use psychological feature Services, Machine Learning, and information Mining to designer and implement Microsoft AI solutions involving linguistic communication process, speech, laptop vision, bots, and agents.

To obtain this certification you would like to complete one exam:

Exam: AI-100 coming up with and Implementing an Azure AI answer

Microsoft Certified Azure information Engineer Associate

This certification is intended to demonstrate developer-level information of the way to design and implement the management, monitoring, security, and privacy of information, victimization the total stack of Azure data services to satisfy business wants.

To obtain this certification you would like to complete 2 exams:

Exam: DP-100 coming up with and Implementing an information Science answer on Azure

Exam: DP-200 Implementing AN Azure information answer

Exam: DP-201 coming up with AN Azure information answer

Microsoft Certified Solutions designer skilled

This is a replacement certification designed to demonstrate solutions designer level experience in cypher, network, storage, security, and coming up with solutions that run on Azure. It’s for those in designer and leadership roles wanting to validate experience in cloud services.

Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365

Finance and Operations App Solutions Architect Expert- Such a heavy name actually well defines how impactful this certification would be to boost your career. After being certified, your job role in your organization would be that of a solutions architect, who are trusted advisors and their job roles include consulting with organizations and other implementation team members, to refine the business needs, to come up to a well defined and cost effective solution. The Pre requisites include 4 certifications, and this wouldn’t be available until January 27, 2020. If talking about the skills which will be measured under this examination, they would be:

  • Identifying solutions requirements
  • Designing solution components
  • And defining solution testing and management strategies

Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals

After being certified you will be working as a Business User, or administrator, you will have to prove that you understand the options which are there under Microsoft 365. You will also have to show to your organization the benefits of cloud services, and of the Software as a Service model, and implementing Microsoft 365 Cloud Service. Skills of understanding Microsoft’s cloud concepts, core Microsoft’s 365 services and concepts, understanding Microsoft’s privacy, security and compliance, with its pricing and support will be measured.

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So, that’s it from our side. Hoping you find these certifications helpful, and they help you to advance your career to new heights.

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