Lost iPhone Data? No Worries, PhoneRescue Will Recover It All

Data stored on our devices are always at risk of being damaged or lost. You can lose your precious data anytime. But none of us would want to lose the photos, videos, selfies, important documents, etc. from our phones.

So, to prevent any data loss we usually keep the backup of our data. But what if you don’t have a backup of your iPhone’s data and you lose it accidentally. Then what would you do? How would you recover your data?

Well, in that case, PhoneRescue will help you. PhoneRescue is a data recovery tool for iOS using which you can recover data from iOS devices, recover from backup and from iCloud. So, let’s get to know more about PhoneRescue.

What You Can Do With PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is such a powerful tool. This tool is sufficient when you lose your iPhone data as you can recover any iPhone data within no time using PhoneRescue. This iOS data recovery tool is packed with so many efficient and handy features. So, there are so many things you can do with the help of PhoneRescue. Let’s get to know some of the best and the new features in the latest updated PhoneRescue 4.

  • Easily Repair Any iOS System Issues

    Whenever you face any issue with your iOS system then you don’t have to worry as PhoneRescue will help you to solve that issue without any hassle. It not only helps you to recover the deleted data but can perform many iOS repair functions too. System crash, screen lock, frozen device, the device in recovery/DFU mode and so on. So, all these features make a great single platform to fix many iOS system issues.

  • Remove Lock Screen Passcode

    Now, this is the new and the most helpful feature of PhoneRescue. If you set a complicated passcode for the security of your phone but then forgot that passcode then don’t panic as by using PhoneRescue you can easily remove the lock screen passcode and access your iPhone again. Irrespective of the type of passcode, whether 4-digit or 6-digit, touch ID or face ID you can remove them also quickly and easily. You can find this feature in the newest PhoneRescue 4.

  • Recover Screen Time Passcode

    In iPhone, you can prevent unauthorized access by applying the screen time passcode. It also helps you to limit the Screen Time on your child’s device. But what if you forget that passcode? Well, don’t worry as PhoneRescue 4 also help you with this. You can rceover the screentime passcode even if you don’t have any backup. What’s better? It is a completely no-data-loss, safe and encrypted process that you would not lose any existing data while recovering the passcode and only you would be able to access the passcode.

  • Recover Deleted Data From iPhone With Ease

    This is what PhoneRescue is popular for. You can easily recover the deleted data from iPhone with ease using PhoneRescue. As you already know that when you lose some data it is not lost permanently. So, PhoneRescue finds all the recoverable data and recover it for you. You can securely get all the lost data including images, contacts, messages, etc. from iPhone, iPad, and iPod in seconds.

  • Securely Grab Your Valuables from iCloud

    Not only the lost data from your iOS device but you can also grab any data from iCloud using PhoneRescue. if backing up data from iPhone or iTunes isn’t working for you then you can try backing up data from iCloud which is also possible with iCloud.

  • Preview Files Before Recovery

    Previewing data is also a must when recovering the lost data. It makes sure that you only recover the desired data and leave the unwanted one. PhoneRescue lets you preview the data before recovering it. So, you can view the images or videos and recover them only if you want.

How To Remove Lock Screen Passcode Using PhoneRescue

  1. To start removing the lock screen passcode using PhoneRescue, you need to first download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your system.
  2. Now select the phone rescuer section in which you would find so many options to choose from. As we want to remove the lock screen passcode then you have to select Remove screen lock passcode.
  3. After that, you have to connect your device to the system. Once your device is connected properly to the system PhoneRescue for iOS will scan and identify it.
  4. the next step requires you to provide the device details such as product class, product type, product model and the iOS version and then hit the download button.
  5. It will take some time to download the package. After the download is completed, you need to carry out the screen lock removal process.
  6. For the same, you don’t have to do a single thing as PhoneRescue for iOS will automatically remove the lock screen once the download is complete.

That’s it. This way you can remove the screen lock passcode with this easy process form your iOS device.


  • Free Trial
  • 1-year License (1 PC) – $49.99
  • Lifetime License(1 PC) – $59.99


Download PhoneRescue For iOS From Here


PhoneRescue for iOS is just an amazing tool. It comes with great features to rescue your iPhone doesn’t matter that the issue is. It does what it claims and what its name says. It can rescue you from all the iOS device issues whether data recovery, grab data from iCloud, save iOS from breakdowns, remove screen locks, recover screen time and more. So, it’s a great deal and worth your money.

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