10 Best Pet Dogs Breed in the United States

Americans have a distinctly intense love for dogs. Even though Americans vouch for their love for these canine breeds, they don’t spread their love equally between these wonderful breeds. The American Kennel Club releases its annual list of the most popular breeds which revealed the top dog breeds showcasing lots of favorite companions on the top. Labradors have reigned supreme occupying the number one spot and along with this frontrunner, there are a few surprises among the ranks.

Check out the list of the 10 most popular dog breeds below. I am sure after going through this list, you have even more options in your hand when you go to get a pet dog.

Best 10 Dog Breeds in the USA

1. Labrador Retrievers:

For more than two decades Labs have held the no 1 position and it seems that it is not going to give up their positions easily. These friendly and highly active pups have proven to be very good companions. Labrador shows a great versatility whether you are looking for a companion for hunting, dock diving, tracking, obedience showing Labs reigns supreme on the American Kennel Club registry list. Labs have a very stable temperament and qualities like friendliness, trainability and athleticism have made Labs as one of the most favorite breeds in America. Labs are great to have as a family dog and the American public has continued o show its love affair with the Labrador retriever.

Labrador Retrievers

2. German Shepherds:

Close behind the Labradors are the German shepherds. You might often notice them with the dog squads and are considered as very trusted companions. These dogs are fiercely loyal to their main caretakers and their loyalty, courage, confidence, willingness to protect their people goes unmatched and it is for this reason they have found their place among the top five breeds in the US. German shepherds played a crucial role in rescuing people by working the rubble and searching for survivors and human remains in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

German Shepherds

3. Golden retrievers:

Undoubtedly one of the best family dogs that get along with anyone. Golden retrievers can fit in anywhere and they love kids and other pets. These awesome service dogs have plenty of love and affection to give to anyone they meet and also can hunt and retrieve. They are good at retrieving but don’t ask them to be a guard dog because these breeds of canines are too friendly for that. They are not the typical watchdog type, however, they are fun to have in the family due to their friendly nature.

Golden retrievers

4. French bulldog:

The French bulldog or Frenchie as they are popularly called is a small pup that was specially bred to be a companion. They are a great choice for anyone who wishes to snuggle a playful buddy. These adaptable and playful dogs have climbed up to reach the 4th most popular breed of dogs and are one of the most loved breeds of dogs due to their silly antics. French bulldogs, however, are vulnerable to breathing problems due to their flat noses.

You can easily recognize a Frenchie from their trademark “bat ears” French bulldogs are very popular with the city dwellers due to their small size. They snooze on comfortable laps and are something that you can really cherish. A French bulldog has all the characteristics of a “good dog”. They are convenient for the city dwellers and people residing in small flats and are less expensive than the larger breeds. French bulldogs also do not require much maintenance. Their short coat requires less upkeep and only an occasional bath is enough to keep their coats clean.

French bulldog

5. Bulldog:

Similar to their smaller counterpart bulldogs look almost the same but are much heavier. Bulldogs may look ferocious and fierce but don’t be fooled by their looks. These dogs are quite gentle and sweet and love to get attention. Like the French bulldogs, their upkeep is quite easy and does not require much grooming. Bulldogs love to cuddle and like children and this is the reason why a bulldog easily fits the bill for a family dog.


6. Beagle:

If you are searching for a curious happy little pup then look no further. Beagles fill the bill for an adorable companion in every way. Their happy-go-lucky and cheerful attitudes make them one of the most popular breeds of dogs. Beagles thrive on companionship. They are active and curious breed and might be noisy at times so make sure you get yours trained so that they don’t upset the neighbors.


7. Poodle:

They are supposed to be the cleverest of the lot and make an excellent companion for any family or individual. They come in three different sizes – toy, miniature and standard. They come in a wide range of colors and are known for their curly and graceful coat. Often known for their unique haircuts poodles are also highly trainable and have been rated as one of the most intelligent breeds.


8. Rottweiler:

The results of the annual purebred popularity contest held by The American Kennel Club shows Rottweilers are on the march. The breed often depicted as guard dogs Rottweiler are among the earliest police dogs that serve the police and the military with honor. Although Rottweiler is portrayed as a ferocious breed, incidents of dog bites among Rottweilers are relatively low compared to German shepherds or Labrador.


9. Yorkshire terrier:

In spite of being one of the smallest breeds, the Yorkshire terrier has a major attitude and big personality. They make excellent lapdogs and the plus point is that they can keep your home free from pests like rats or mice. These canine breeds have long and silky hair which makes them a very cuddling pet but you need to be careful while brushing their hair to prevent it from getting tangled.

Yorkshire terrier

10. German shorthaired pointer:

German shorthaired pointer has steadily sneaked into the top ten and has been making steady progress. Families love them for their energetic and cheerful nature and you will love their playfulness. These pointers are portrayed as noble and aristocratic by the American Kennel Club (AKC). German shorthaired pointers will make you throw the ball over and over again as they love outdoor activity and you can play fetch with them till your arm falls off.

German shorthaired pointer

Choosing your best companion can be quite a challenge. Before you settle on buying a dog evaluate the dogs breed and background. Check your home and lifestyle as well because finding the right dog can be daunting. Consider whether you can properly take care of a dog because if you are searching for a great companion in your dog then you need to treat them well.

The list above gives a good idea of the most popular breeds in the US with the information on why they are so popular which you can find handy while trying to pick your “best friend”.

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