Predictions for Online Casino Trends in 2021

Since casinos were launched back in the 90s, they have gone through tremendous transformations to offer players the excellent gambling platforms they deserve. Thanks to technological innovations and the creativity of software providers and other stakeholders, you can always expect something new in the online gambling industry each year.  It is one of the reasons the industry keeps attracting more consumers because they do not have to deal with the old boring usual stuff. Below we discuss some of the trends that you can expect to hit online casinos in 2021.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Augmented and Virtual reality is bound to be a huge part of online casinos in 2021. AR and VR technologies have been mostly associated with video gaming, but they are fast making their way into the online casino industry. Currently, experts are still experimenting with AR and VR casinos, but players are impressed and embracing the casinos whole-heartedly. VR casinos offer gamers the real deal. All a player has to do is put on headsets, and they can virtually walk into a casino and have the time of their lives playing different games without having to go physically into the casino. In regards to augmented reality, gamers get the chance to enjoy a 360-degree experience as they interact with real-life people and objects as they play the games they love.

Increased Live Dealer Experiences

For years, not many online casinos featured a live dealer section. Many gaming establishments have noticed that a high percentage of players love the realistic experience of live dealer casinos. This is why you should expect more online casino establishments to feature a live dealer section with exciting card and table games that gamers will play in their comfort zones. This is not only beneficial to gamers, but it also helps casinos boost retention rates.

Introduction of Substitute Payment Options

To attract more members, online gambling siteswill most likely incorporate substitute payment options. This will allow clients to choose the payment option that they are most comfortable with. Recently, casinos have gone wild with cryptocurrencies, where gamers can use this as an option for both depositing and withdrawing. In 2021, there may be an increase in virtual currency transactions. This will allow punters to use virtual money for on-net gambling. This offers a more convenient option because it reduces the risk of having to handle cash all the time.

Enhanced Graphics

This is one of the online casino trends that will go on for years to come. Software providers are always looking to release games that have better graphics from the ones that they have been working on in the past years. The games that will be launched in 2021 will have advanced graphics that will make the games more appealing, especially to the younger generation of gamers. It may be safe to say that casino games in the future will be more like video games. In addition to 3D animations, there may also be a spike in casino games that have 4D animations.

Improved Security

In 2021, online casinos are bound to get more serious when it comes to offering security to players. This will helps to offer a more relaxed gaming environment for gamers where they can play the games they want without having to look over their shoulders in fear. Thanks to increased consumer awareness about safe gambling, illegitimate gambling sites are reducing in numbers. Casinos are also putting in place more security measures, including:

  • Compliance with regulatory and legal authorities
  • Adoption of safer banking options
  • Integration of verification processes such as “Know Your Customer
  • Use of advanced log-ins like fingerprint and facial recognition.

Better Game Features

We have already mentioned that casino games in 2021 will have better graphics than the previous years. Software developers are also putting in the effort to include better features in the games they produce. These will make the titles more exclusive, competitive, and fun.

Introduction of Women-Centric Games

In the past, online casinos were more focused on male clients because it was assumed that online casinos were primarily male-dominated. This is why most casinos were full of features that attract men. Research, however, shows that many women are now spending time gambling online and making quite a killing. For this reason, you are bound to see more products that appeal to women at gaming establishments such as the VulkanBet online casino. For instance, you can find slots that have women heroes. There may be a possibility that there may be online casinos that specifically target women gamblers.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.