How to Prepare For IELTS Exam without Coaching At Home

Do you need to pass IELTS test but there is not much time to prepare for it? Do not worry in an essay I am going to tell you how you can get a great score in IELTS within just a week of preparation. So, let us get start.

Some students cannot afford the heavy fees and as a result, they are unable to join classes. Now, the big question is:  Is it possible to prepare for IELTS at home without a teacher and all that stuff. So, let me just tell you the good news is “YES” you can always prepare for IELTS at home and you can get god results.


Six easy steps to prepare for IELTS exam at home

  1. Know basics of IELTS before starting for its preparation. You should clear your basic terms like what is IELTS, types of questions, sections.
  2. Set a goal. For eg: if your score is 6.5 with normal vocabulary set it to 7.
  3. As you are preparing at home then you must have proper practice material. First follow official practice material i.e. Cambridge 1 to 12, you can easily get it from the market, and then switch to another practice material.
  4. Proper practice-stop testing, start practicing especially speaking. Work on random topics, improve your weak zone, try to use new word, new structure.
  5. Grammar is very important in IELTS exam. You must focus on grammar.

Six Improvement-improve your performance and monitor it day by day.


  • Evaluate yourself: First thing you people should see is where you stand I mean, if you want to take IELTS test go through any free evaluation. There are various websites they will evaluate and all that you can just see is your score and how much ore you need .Remember, set you target half band higher than your required band .For eg. If you are looking for 6.5 prepare for 7. It iS needed to set you band score now.
  • What you need to do is to read the band description which is given on Google just go to goggle and right there IELTS writing task :1 band descriptor IELTS writing task ,2 band descriptor. Then evaluate yourself how much I know I mean what the level of my English is in comparison with the band score. I am looking for.
  • What to do for Listening and reading skills:

There is no band descriptor for listening and for reading because there is a different criterion. It is not a bad idea to take one IELTS test for listening and reading because at this point you do not have any teacher you cannot go to any institute.

Steps to improve reading:

.NET order to improve reading you have to add reading to your lifestyle try to read English magazines, try to read English books ,try to read some websites where they have given the details in English, try to read some novel. If you are general reading IELTS candidate then I suggest you should read about social things, about society workplace and job. If you are academic IELTS candidate then you must read about science, technology, research innovation animal’s environment transport and all that stuff you should read about according to your gender.

  1. Reading at the same time you can easily get Cambridge IELTS books from the market or you can get them from Google. Now take the reading test at the end check your answers, write the correct answers and then see why my answers were wrong. If it takes one hour to take one reading test, stand another hour to recheck and for debriefing to just make sure, why my answers were wrong?
  2. There are the answers to those questions, which were wrong, what mistake I have done, where the answer is in paragraph. Let me scan. Let me skim; let me read you can do that. If you answered a question as false but it is true then why it is false, search the sentence that proves this is true so go on .With reading like this believe me it will improve.

How speaking can be done better:

You can get your speaking connected by any teacher or you can ask any class fellow or anyone who is taking IELTS or anyone who is good at English .you can just ask them , can you please evaluate my English and tell me what is the mistake and problems now. Once you are done with this and then you understand presently happening problems. I am at Ben’s foot 5 and my target is minimum 6 mean so I have to prepare for 6.5 because don’t want to take any risk for your exam.

You should join some pod cast, some websites or even BBC, otherwise collect valuable material.

IELTS English Test

Work on listening skills:

If you have the access to internet and most probably everybody has, every day you must try to take two listening tests and not together at the same time. One in the morning and one at night. The question is where you find these tests. Then you can easily find these days on you tube. Otherwise, take print out for doing listening practice. Mark answers on on answer sheet so that you have the real feeling and check your answers and then through band calculator you understand where you stand.

How to work on Writing:

For writing, you must be a good reader of essays reports or letter. If you are a general training IELTS candidate, adopt a habit.

First read an essay, read the topic, visualize the topic see what sort of information you have, if have this essay what would you write. Then afterwards read the sample essay write afterwards read the sample essay write and then see okay what sort of words are used, what sort of vocabulary is used, and see paragraphing how many paragraphs, what is the language for cohesion, coherence how introduction is written, how heading is written, how conclusion is written, how are structuring. I mean observe everything and then rewrite essay. In the same manner, rewrite one report task one everyday.


Do 100 essays, 100 letters and 100 reports like this and then write these things 101 times without following the steps. Just write directly now you have a big bank of vocabulary, ideas, knowledge, how to organize, structure, type of essay paragraph. This is how you people get what you want. You do not need to show your essay to anyone just use your keen eye.

This is the complete plant to get your required bands without going to any IELTS centre.

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