How To Differentiate Between a Professional Roofing Contractor and a Fraud

When a roof comes to the end of its lifespan, replacing the structure is an expensive and time-intensive process. The construction must be handled adequately to ensure an effective result that will last an extended duration. Part of that process involves finding a reputable contractor to perform the work.

When you hire a roofer, the priority is to do due diligence in research to avoid the potential of being taken advantage of. Sadly, in the industry, scammers are prevalent with the objective of exploiting unsuspecting property owners.

Typically, these dishonest roofing representatives will employ high-pressure tactics to receive exorbitant prices for subpar work. As a homeowner, recognizing the professional, credentialed contractors from the frauds can be challenging, but a few tips can help make the differences more evident.

Tips For Recognizing the Reputable Roofing Contractors from the Scams

A roof is essential for the protection and safety of the house and the occupants. When the integrity is questionable, perhaps it’s reached the end of its life, contacting roofers for quotes on replacing the structure is a first step to finding the best contractor to complete the project.

One thing to be mindful of is the many scammers that exploit homeowners in the roofing industry. It can be difficult to recognize professional, credentialed roofing contractors from the dishonest fraud.

Still, there are red flags to pay attention for, particularly representatives that use high-pressure tactics or give estimates that are either exorbitant or meager compared to the average noted among others in the local area.

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Search for local licensed and insured roofers

Searching for a roofer to repair or replace your structure involves checking for accreditation and licensure to ensure the project is performed adequately. As the homeowner, you can request proof of these credentials.

Any reliable contractor will be more than prepared to offer the documentation. If there’s any hesitation, it’s a sign to move on to another roofer. Those without insurance coverage can leave you liable if roof or property damage occurs while they’re on the job.

No one should be considered for roofing work without sufficient credentials, and in some states, these individuals shouldn’t be trying to supply services to customers without adequate licensing and insurance.

Door-to-door roofing representative should be avoided

When opening your door to a salesperson offering an exceptionally good deal on a roofing repair or replacement, it’s wise to be skeptical. It is a common approach with shady contractors, though, and there are often homeowners who will take the bait because it’s an offer they “can’t refuse.”

The problem is when a deal seems “too good to be true,” it almost always is. These scam victims are left with excessive costs, no change in their roof damage, or poor-quality work. When attempting to resolve the issues, the contractors are out of reach.

Either the information they supply is false, or they disappear without forwarding details.

Storm chasers are common scammers

When you live in an area where severe storms are prevalent, becoming familiar with storm chasers is essential. These roofing scammers go from one home to the next, indicating they notice roofing damage and offer a complimentary inspection to let the homeowner know how extensive it is.

In some cases, the fraudulent contractors will show they’re performing work throughout the neighborhood and are willing to take a down payment to start on the project. Usually, the fee is excessive, and instead of completing the job, the scammer will leave the area with the money.

A reputable roofer won’t go from one home to the next soliciting business. When you need roof repairs following a storm, contacting professionals who work in the local area is essential to ensure credentials, quality, and reliability. Most of these storm chasers travel from one location to the next without ties to the local area.

Reviews/testimonials, an online presence, accreditation/ratings

Research is key to finding the best, most qualified, and quality roofer. If a roofing contractor isn’t visible online, that’s a red flag. All professional roofers will have a quality website and a presence on social networks. Those without this visibility aren’t credible and shouldn’t be trusted.

Further, qualified roofing contractors will be accredited with the Better Business Bureau with a solid rating and details validating their reputation.

These include impartial reviews from past and current customers and complaints with feedback on how the roofer resolved an unsatisfactory situation. Also, complaints, if any, will be well documented against the roofer.

When a contractor has a stellar reputation, that reputation will precede them with a steady flow of testimonials validating the attributes of the roofer and the impeccable projects completed to the satisfaction of clients who would use the services again or refer the roofing professional to anyone close to them.

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Contracts should be thoroughly reviewed

A legally binding contract is a homeowner’s best defense from the possibility of fraud or subpar work. When negotiating contracts, the scope, costs, and general details, including the timeline, should be clear.

If this is not the case, having someone versed in the language or even a legal expert to explain the content will ensure a full understanding before committing to the details.

Most professional contractors will provide a detailed contract, review the document with you, and encourage your full understanding. If no contract is offered for installation services, that’s a red flag. You’ll want to move on with a roofer offering a quote for their work and a contract for their services.

Final Thought

A roof is the primary component of the home that offers protection and safety for the overall structure. No one wants to have that compromised by working with a fraudulent contractor who doesn’t have their best interests as a priority when repairing or replacing it.

Superior quality and customer satisfaction come with a reliable, credentialed, and professional local roofing contractor, earning them countless clients’ trust, support and backing for a stellar reputation. The best roofer will be committed to the customer’s best interest and deliver only an extraordinary quality of work.

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