The Psychology of Domain Names: How to Choose a Name Your Customers Will Remember

A domain name is an individual address on the Internet used to identify and access websites and other resources on a network. It has two parts: a name and a zone, separated by a dot. It is important that the domain not just existed, but was interesting, memorable for customers. This increases the recognition of the company and its platform, and is also responsible for the growth of consumer loyalty.

How to choose the most memorable domain name?

Domain Name

In order for the domain name to be as memorable as possible for portal visitors, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of aspects. Some believe that the key point is the price: the higher the cost, the better. This is wrong. Even the cheap domain name can be the most efficient. There are nine main requirements for a result domain.

  1. Brevity and simplicity. Keep your domain name as short and easy to pronounce as possible. Avoid compound words, special characters, and extra characters.
  2. Make sure that the domain is original and does not overlap with other popular brands or platforms. This will allow a particular portal to stand out and be easier to remember.
  3. If possible, include a brand name or a keyword related to the company’s activities in the domain name. Thus, you will form associations with buyers.
  4. Ease of writing. If you want to register a domain, refrain from complex words or phrases that can cause confusion when writing a domain name.
  5. Pay attention to sonority. The name should sound harmonious and pleasant to the ear, which also promotes his memorization.
  6. No numbers or hyphens. They should be avoided so as not to complicate memorization and pass through search engine algorithms. In any case, their use should be appropriate.
  7. Availability in social networks. Check if the chosen domain name is free in popular social networks. If everything is in order with it, it will help maintain a consistent branding in the online space.
  8. SEO Compatibility. It will not be superfluous to take into account the keywords or terms that indicate the brand activity to increase the SEO attractiveness of the domain name.
  9. Original design. Pay attention to the visual presentation. This is relevant if the domain will be used in a logo or other materials. It should fit well with the overall execution of the platform and the company.

It is also rational to test the domain among friends or the target audience to assess its memorability and perception. Only then is it worth it to buy a domain name and proceed to the registration process. Compliance with these recommendations will help you find the best option – attractive, memorable and successfully combined with the project.

How to register a domain?

To register a domain, you need to follow certain rules. And first you have to decide which domain name registrar chooses, and then give preference to one of the proposed solutions, taking into account the desired extension: for example, .com, .org, .net.


After that, the order is placed and payment is made. It is mandatory to indicate the registration period – usually from one year to several years. After depositing funds, the customer will receive a notification of domain registration to the specified e-mail address. Usually registration takes from several hours or days.

At the end of the procedure, you will be provided with credentials to access the domain control panel. With it, you can set up a DNS record, change mail settings and other parameters of your domain name. It is important to renew your registration in a timely manner to avoid delay and loss of the right to use.

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