Skills And Responsibilities Of A Quality Assurance Manager

For every company, one important thing is to maintain the quality of the product and employees. If you think that it is an easy task, then you couldn’t be more wrong. You would require a person who will care for quality standards that will help develop plans to motivate, encourage and recruit.

Every company hires a quality assurance manager who will keep everything in mind before the product is even launched. QA professionals will help the company identify its mistakes and examine the procedure. They will also analyze the product and make improvements accordingly.

They have several roles and responsibilities which they have to perform, and for that, they need proper skills. Along with that, they need to have appropriate qualifications, too, because if they do not know what they are doing, things may go entirely wrong, impacting the company’s progress. Many organizations hire a quality assurance company for targeted, human-powered quality testing services.

To know about everything in detail, you are in the right place. Let’s discuss that in detail!

Quality Assurance

Who is a quality assurance manager?

The quality assurance manager assists the organization in formulating quality regulations and standards for the products and employees. They analyze the data to develop strategies to recruit, motivate and encourage the employees while striving to improve their process and product quality.

The only motive of the quality assurance manager is to bring the best out of the company. They work hard to ensure that the products, services, processes, and employees meet clients’ needs. Managers must be analytical and creative and always bring new ways to help satisfy the workers’ needs and encourage them to work.

The manager communicates the expectations to the employees and also proves the corrective actions when they need them. The quality assurance manager needs to be a great communicator with a strong desire to help other employees.

The quality assurance manager, there are several roles that they can perform. The latest technologies are pushing people to do the things they can without human intervention. Some of the technologies that have impacted the quality assurance field are as below-

  • Machine learning
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The internet of things
  • Radiofrequency identification

Skills and Abilities of quality assurance manager

A quality assurance manager should possess various skills and competencies to progress in this field. The skills that they can experience include-

  • The professional should have an elementary understanding of the organization. It will help them decide whether the company’s product is up to mark. The domain knowledge will help them in knowing the problem.
  • The employee’s role is to understand product usage and how it will impact the customers. Through this, you can resolve the problem, which can be replaced by technology.
  • Having excellent communication skills is crucial as it helps you in explaining the process and also to improve the quality standards.
  • The person should have multi-tasking skills to work better in different aspects and never compromise with the standards.
  • QA managers should have interpersonal and customer service skills because they will have to get customer feedback. That will inform them about the company’s mistakes and how they can improve them.
  • They should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong leadership and supervisory skills.
  • Project management skill is crucial that helps in implementing the protocols of quality assurance. Whenever there are changes in the company, then that will impact the quality assurance professionals.

Responsibilities of quality assurance manager

The roles and responsibilities of the quality assurance manager will depend on the industry you are working in. However, there are a few everyday responsibilities that you have to perform, and those are-

  • Analyzing the company’s data will help in finding the growth areas of the company.
  • They must develop strategies for meeting the quality standard that will help improve the production process.
  • QA professionals also provide proper training to the individuals so they can handle the product and will not face any problems.
  • Review the organization’s processes and check whether they align with its current policies. They can give their feedback to the company so that they can work according to that.
  • Ensure that the product has gone through auditing and testing.
  • They should ensure that the legal quality standard is met and review the company’s existing standards and policies.
  • Keep an eye on the objective of the organization to maximize the organization’s profitability.
  • Create the reports on time and also track the progress of documentation.
  • They develop and monitor all the corrective measures which the company takes.
  • The quality assurance manager also takes a look over the complaint of customers.
  • The even professional plan, conduct and also monitor the test. The QA professional inspects the products, which will help ensure the quality.
  • They even analyze the data that will help the company in making improvements.
  • Help in the process of recruiting.
  • Creates strategies that help in increasing productivity.

Requirement of the quality assurance manager

If anyone wants to apply for the job of quality assurance manager, then they need to fulfill a few requirements, which can read as follows-

  • Should have a bachelor’s degree or any associate with experience in this field.
  • Ability to analyze the data, create and also review the process that the company has followed.
  • They should have the willingness to assist other people so that they can develop new solutions and metrics.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance tools and methodologies.
  • Should have the certificate of Six Sigma, quality auditor, Quality Improvement associates, and quality engineer.
  • Ample experience in preventive measures and implementing corrective.


For an organization, staying in a competitive era where technology is evolving is crucial. The quality assurance manager needs to remain focused on their work and make essential improvements in which they may face challenges.

If you want a progressive career in quality assurance, reskill and upskill are essential, and stay ahead of the competition. There are several online certification courses if you want to become a professional.