8 Good Reasons Why CBD Vape Oil Is Growing In Popularity

CBD oil is growing in popularity every year, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. CBD oil offers various therapeutic benefits and has made its way into numerous health and wellness products, such as CBD infused creams, lotions, coffee, and teas. CBD Vape Oil, in particular, is one of the most popular CBD consumption methods by using a vaporizer or vape pen. The vape pen heats a small portion of the CBD vape oil and converts it into vapour, which allows you to inhale it. The following are 8 good reasons why CBD Vape oil is growing in popularity.


Numerous health benefits

By inhaling CBD vape oil, you can reap its numerous health benefits, which is why CBD vape oil is becoming so popular compared to other nicotine-containing vape juices. CBD is known to help with stress, headaches, body aches, joint pain, muscle fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

High bioavailability 

CBD vape oil is the preferred consumption method by most consumers because of its high bioavailability (the amount of substance absorbed by the body). CBD has a bioavailability of 34%-56%, which is considerably higher than other consumption methods such as oral consumption, which only has a bioavailability between 10% and 20%. Moreover, the effects of CBD vape oil can be felt within 10 minutes in contrast to oral consumption, which takes nearly 2 hours to be felt. 

Numerous flavours 

CBD vape oil comes in numerous flavours, so you can easily find one that you prefer. Moreover, CBD vape oil can also be consumed sublingually, similar to CBD oils/tinctures.  Tinctures usually have an unpleasant taste, making CBD vape the perfect alternative. 

Easy to use

CBD vape oil is easy to use, which has increased its popularity. All you have to do is fill the vaporizer tanks with CBD vape oil and refill it when it’s over. Vaporizers are also small are easy to carry around. 

Helps quit smoking 

Most smokers who want to quit smoking turn to vape pens. Although vaping does not have the harmful effects of tobacco use, commercial vape juices usually have nicotine, a highly addictive substance. CBD vape oil is growing in popularity because it produces the feeling of well-being without the harmful and addictive effects of tobacco and nicotine. 


Ever since CBD oil became legal globally in recent years, consumers can safely purchase CBD vape oil, which has rapidly increased its popularity. 


CBD vape oil can be purchased from tons of places, and it can also be bought from numerous online CBD shops, which has increased its popularity since consumers can buy it from the comfort of their homes. 

Safe to use 

CBD vape oil is entirely safe to use as long as you’re buying it from a reliable store with their products tested by third-party laboratories. Many consumers often wonder about the safety of CBD products, and authentic CBD shops ensure that their products are of good quality and without any harmful contaminants.




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