5 Reasons why Filmora is the Best Video Editing Software

When it comes to editing videos, it can often turn out to be a disaster, on account of the fact that you used low-quality editing software. You must have heard of the saying that you get what you paid for and that’s the case with most video editing software products that are currently available in the market today.

But Filmora is certainly getting more traction of late, than other products, for the following reasons:

Easy to Use

Filmora’s video editing software comes loaded with all the advanced functionalities that you would ever require to edit your videos. But one of the reasons that it really stands out is on account of the fact that most beginners can handle this product with ease.

In fact, it is one of the easiest and best video editing software in the market, one that allows you to import all the videos you need to edit – from your camera, phone and other devices. It comes with an easy to use interface, which also allows for an action cam module with which you can edit your high-resolution action or fast-moving videos with ease.



Yet another reason as to why Flimora stands out from among the bevy of various editing software products in the market is on account of the fact that it comes with several intuitive features.

These features enable you to edit, crop, rotate, split, trim, join and do much more with the images you import. In fact, it comes with an intuitive design as well and is user-friendly.

Filters and Effects

Filmora also comes loaded with over 300 special video effects along with over 140 filters and requisite overlays that you may need, so much so that you should be able to shoot a high-grade movie quality video in minutes.

And, as an added bonus, Filmora leaves no watermark on the finished product either, which is another great feature about this video editing software

Add-on Features

Filmora provides you with stunning animated titles that you can use for your videos. It also provides you with access to copyright free music library.

This product is also one of the best alternatives to windows video movie maker that you can use today.


Green Screen and Screen Record

Filmora provides you with a green screen, which happens to be an advanced feature of overlays.  A green layer is a special tool that you can use to super-impose objects on to a different setting altogether, and with a bevy of virtual backgrounds, you can make your video stand out for all the right reasons.

It also comes with a screen record feature, which allows you to record your own screen along with a suite of powerful editing features which you can then use to polish it up. Also, any novice user should be able to handle the same with ease and edit their videos on demand, and to perfection with Filmora.

Summing it up

All said and done, it is one of the easiest video editing tools that you are bound to come across in the market today and the one that comes with a bevy of features. You can change, modify and even alter your videos, use animated titles, record your screen and the list goes on.

And, to top that off, you can also look forward each month to a suite of new effects pack, which should enable you to enrich your videos further. If you are looking for video editing software with advanced functionality and ease of use, then Filmora is the one that you need.

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