Recover Corrupted, Lost Files From Your System/Network With R-Studio

Data loss is such a disaster. You may lose your data anytime due to several reasons. We save a lot of important files, work documents, important videos, images, etc. on our computer but you never know when your data goes missing. Accidental deletion, formatted partition, virus attack, corrupted partition etc. are some reasons for data loss.

But that doesn’t mean you have lost your data completely. A good data recovery software can recover all your lost files and folders with ease. This is when R-Studio comes to our rescue. R-Studio is a great data recovery software packed with some efficient features. I recently tried this software so, today I am sharing with you the R-Studio review.

Features of R-Studio

  • Recover Deleted Files
    There could be several reasons that lead to data loss. But you don’t have to panic as with the help of R-Studio, you can recover all your files irrespective of the cause of loss. This data recovering software helps you to get your important files back in just a few minutes.

    R-Studio includes support for Microsoft’s new file systems exFAT and ReFS, and Apple’s APFS.
  • Preview Files
    Another very helpful feature of R-Studio. It lets you preview the files before recovering them. It is a really good feature as you can avoid recovering all the unwanted files. Simply preview the file and select it if you want to recover, otherwise leave it. Its built-in file previewer can preview all the kind of files including audio, video, graphics files, MS word documents, doc, xls, xlsx, pptx, ods, odt, txt, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, and Adobe Acrobat pdf even if those applications are not installed on your system. You can even preview the files on a remote computer.
  • Customizable known file types
    R-Studio ensures that you recover almost every lost file and for the same, it lets you add the customized known file type. Means, you can add your own complex file signature so that you can find those files with ease. This feature increases the chances of recovering very specific files too. Simply create your own file type description file and let the software scan for those files.
  • R-Studio Emergency CD
    If you want to recover the lost files of on your system but your system could not start then R-Studio has a great solution for the same. You can create an emergency CD with the help of R-Studio and use it to recover data in case you can’t start your computer. The software offers two versions of emergency recovery- one is a graphical interface which is same as the R-Studio interface but for this, your graphics card should be working. The second one is a simple interface but it works same for recovering files.
  • Disk Imaging
    Disk imaging is also quite helpful for recovering the lost data. R-Studio lets you create the disk image of your system. It can easily create the disk image files and extract them byte-by-byte without any hassle. You can use these images in data backup and emergency recovery.
  • Data recovery over network
    This unique feature of R-Studio makes it better than other similar data recovery tools. If you are not able to start your computer, or your computer works perfectly but the data on the system disk is corrupted then also you can recover your files. It allows you to recover data over the network. With the full-featured network data recovery, R-Studio lets you save the data on the local and remote computers. You can connect the computer to any local computer even if the computers are not on the same local network. The network data recovery can run under Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • RAID reconstruction module
    You also get the advanced and versatile RAID feature that most of the other data recovery software do not come with. The advanced RAID features include advanced RAID levels, customized RAID layouts, pure virtual concept, complete integration, automatic RAID parameter recognition, RAID consistency check, and reverse RAIDs.
  • Advanced Object Copy
    The advanced object copy feature of R-STudio helps you to copy any object and make it visible directly by other objects in the Drive panel. It also allows you to create the smart copy of hard drive or any partition and adjust its size on the destination folder.
  • Advanced Hexadecimal Viewer/Editor
    The advanced hexadecimal viewer lets you view your hard drive in codes and hex values. Any visible object whether real or virtual can be edited.


R-Studio works like a charm. It is pretty good software. Some people may find it a little complicated to use at first but after some time, they will get used to it. Recovering file is quite easy. First, you need to scan the partition and then recover the file. It also lets you preview the files which is a pretty good thing. During our test, the software was able to recover almost every lost file on our system. But you need to make sure that the lost files are still on your disk and have not been overwritten.


  • Local Version (Full features)- $79.99
  • Network package(Five additional licenses for remote computers) – $179.99

Wrap Up

R-Studio, this software from R-Tools is a very efficient data recovery software. You get all the basic features of data recovery to recover your data with ease. Along with these basic features, some advanced features like disk imaging, RAID, network data recovery, hexadecimal viewer etc. are also provided by R-Studio which makes it a better data recovery software. The demo version is also provided so that you can check the software and purchase it if you find it worthy.