Systematic Trials Indicate Need And Frequency Of Mattress Replacement For Better Health

Most homeowners do not know the right time to replace their mattress and wait till the time they have to visit their doctor for the acute pain in their back and neck. The doctor then finally suggests a replacement of the mattress as well as the bed at times, along with some costly medicines and therapies.

Well, with a little bit of prudence and devoting some time to read the Full review of the mattress you can save a lot of time, money and most essentially the pain. If you replace your mattress at the right time you will not only reduce the chances of developing such excruciating pain in the back and neck but also improve your quality of sleep. It will keep your refreshed and energized throughout the day thereby promoting your overall health.

Sleeping on Mattress

Relation and reasons for back pain

According to several study reports, there are several reasons why a substantial number of US citizens are deprived of appropriate sleep and back pain is identified as the most significant reason for it.

  • In the past, it was considered that the quality of the bedding systems and mattresses have a distinct relationship with the pain experienced by the individuals.
  • However, this finding was not considered to be accurate as there was a disagreement in the literature with regards to the characteristics and types of a mattress.
  • It was said that specific types of mattresses serve definite purposes and there are certain brands that manufacture mattresses that can decrease spinal pain and improve its alignment as well as the quality of sleep.

It is for this reason several other studies were conducted to find out proper and substantial evidence related to this specific aspect of the literature. Several systematic reviews were conducted on the controlled trials of the mattresses and these reports were made public in and since the year 2000.

Sleeping on Mattress

The systematic trials

Through these systematic trials, the experts categorized different mattresses subjectively and marked them as follows:

  • Soft
  • Medium firm
  • Firm and
  • Custom inflated.

In addition to that, several different articles were also published that examined the effects of temperature changes of the mattresses on reducing pain and helping in improving sleep quality. To be precise, there were 24 such articles included along with the systematic review.

Neck Pain due to improper sleep

According to the PEDro scale, the methodological quality of the studied mattresses, as well as the clinical trials made on it, showed moderate to high results. These results showed that:

  • The medium-firm mattress and the custom inflated or the self-adjusting ones had an optimal ability to promote sleep, comfort, spinal alignment, and quality.
  • There was however no specific evidence as to the appropriate temperature considerations for such optimal results and therefore, the authors recommended a warm temperature.

The studies do not indicate the right time for mattress replacement, however. For this reason, The Better Sleep Council suggests that you evaluate your sleep on a regular basis to find out when it is compromised and replace your mattress. Signs like stiffness, numbness, pain, overuse, tiredness and its age indicate the mattress needs a change for optimal support.

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