7 Best Meditation Apps For Mind Peace And Good Sleep

Are you have trouble sleeping? Do you have irregular sleeping patterns? If you toss and turn every night on a bed and struggle to sleep then you have come to the right place. Sleeping for any living being is very important. Without sufficient sleep, one cannot function properly. Sleeping is in fact, is a very critical part of your daily routine. For some people sleeping is very peaceful while for others it is just the opposite. Struggling to sleep an endless number of nights, we have all been there before. Not able to have sufficient and a peaceful sleep can be such a difficult experience considering the busy and the kind of lifestyle we lead.

In case, if you are looking for an immediate and a long-term solution then we can help you with that. In this particular article, we have discussed 7 best meditation app for mental peace that can help you to get a good night’s sleep. Let’s have a look at the details of these apps now but before that, if you are looking for other ways to refresh your mind such as by playing mobile games, listening to music, watching movies, etc. then TechPepe has shortlisted best apps that you must check!

Sleeping Problem

The List of 7 Meditation Apps For Mind Peace and Sleep

You can only have a good night’s sleep when your mind is at peace. If you are stressed or have something running wild on your mind then falling asleep can get really difficult. Meditation is considered to be an effective way of putting your mind at ease and thus, you will be able to sleep peacefully. Today, we discuss a few of the meditation apps with the help of which you can attain a peaceful mind and sleep in your daily life.

1. Calm

This is actually a unique meditation app for sleeping. Most of the meditation apps come in an organized manner which generally presents their meditations in an order and has a sequence to follow. But when it comes to calm you can go about it any way you want. The app comes with a free 7 course of meditation.

Once you are a free trial is over you are required to pay a subscription cost of $7.99 monthly or you can even avail the yearly subscription of $29.99. Once you pay for the app you can avail the 21-day program for general well-being along with a week-long series that will help you to get better sleep. Other than that you also get individual sessions that last between 2 to 20 minutes. You also get some unguided sessions that make use of nature sounds and music.

Download: Android / iOS

Calm App

2. The Mindfulness App

This is one of the best sleeping and meditation apps that you can avail out there. This app is known to offer a decent collection of meditation tracks some of which are with narrators while others are without a narrator. The tracks may last up to 30 minutes. The app also comes with a premium library which will cost you around $7.99 on a monthly basis. However, this will give you an unlimited access. You can even gain access to individual tracks for $0.79.

Download: Android / iOS

The Mindfulness App

3. Aura

Aura is one such app that has been developed by top meditation therapists and teachers. The app comes with proven strategies along with AI to provide mindfulness exercises that can help you in several ways. With the help of this meditation app, you can improve your sleeping pattern. The app allows you to choose the right meditation lengths for you. The app can also track your mood and thus, it monitors the improvements that happen over time.

Download: Android / iOS

Aura App

4. Smiling Mind

This particular app is a bit different than the rest of the apps on the list. This app was originally developed for children and young teenagers. However, even adults are welcome to use this app. the program that is available on the app is divided by age and it starts from 7 to 11 years. This app can be really helpful for children who are struggling with their emotions. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to use.

Download: Android / iOS

Smiling Mind

5. Mind Meister

Many times it so happens that we have several thoughts running on our mind all at the same time. In such a situation mind mapping can help your situation by brainstorming your thoughts without a particular structure but in a visual form. When it comes to mind mapping, the one great app that you can use is the Mind Meister. The app is available for both mobile devices and as well for online users. With the help of this app, you can easily prioritize, organize and generate new thoughts. There are several tools with the use of which you can create a map including various styles, colours, themes, and icons.

Download: Android / iOS

Mind Meister

6. Ambi Pro

This is a great app to relax your mind. With the help of this app, you can concentrate better as the app helps in masking the boisterous surrounding around us. This app is unique in its own way. It is known to create a blend of changing noise algorithmically without repeating it. The app also comes with special digital reverbs that adds a sense of depth in it. The app also allows you to design your own presets and also save it. The app is also equipped with an auto-times that can switch off the sound for a certain time.

Download: iOS

Ambi Pro

7. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This is an app that comes with a plenty of features that can help you track your sleep. The app is known to make use of special sound technology to track your different phases of sleep. Like for example, if you are an apple watch wearer and you snore in your sleep then you will feel a slight vibration that will help you to change your sleeping position and thus, stop snoring. The app is loaded with several such features that can help you sleep better and get up at the most opportune time in the morning.

Download: Android / iOS

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Now that you know about the 7 best meditation apps that can help you to sleep better, you should try any of them out especially if you are someone who wants to get rid of anxiety and tensions of day-to-day life or struggles to sleep every night.

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