How To Choose Best Christmas Gifts For Students

Christmas time is all about giving and spreading love. Teachers take this opportunity to show their students that they are loved and cared for. But most teachers struggle when they are looking for ideas for Christmas gifts. They want something creative, innovative that doesn’t break the bank.

How to Pick the Most Suitable Gifts for Students?

Students need to feel special and unique. The best gift should be something that has been customized to suit a certain taste. When you pick something that feels special, each student will feel that their teacher has actually spent the time to choose something that suits them in person.

Giving gifts can be related to the studying process as a part of an incentives and rewards program. It might be a good idea to tell students that they are all receiving gifts for doing their best and trying hard even if they haven’t achieved the best grades. These gestures help shy and struggling students feel appreciated especially when the type of size of the gift is not related to the student’s academic performance.

A good way to help you choose the most appropriate ideas for your students is to ask them to come up with Christmas wishlist ideas. You can ask them about their interests and the stuff they personally like to make sure that you are picking something that they find exciting and tempting.

What are the Best Ideas for Christmas Gifts?

If you are struggling to find the most appropriate presents for your students, you can check this list. Here are some innovative and creative examples.

1. Personalized Bookmarks

You can find a lot of free bookmarks that you can easily print for your class. But you can also customize them so that everyone feels special and unique. You can ask your students about their favorite cartoon characters, hobbies or sports. You will be able to find something that suits every taste. You can also type the names on each one. You can ask them about their favorite colors and pick something that will actually encourage them to use the bookmark.

2. Holiday Crayons

This is a great idea for little kids and will make them have a wonderful Christmas. Pick all the old and broken crayons that you can find in the class and melt them in a pan. Pour the molten crayons in molds that look like holiday ornaments. You can make ones using different colors for a rainbow holiday crayon or use glitter for an extra sparkle. It is like you are giving your students, regardless of their age, a chance to get creative.

Holiday Crayons

3. Fleece Scarves

They are easy to make and they are fashionable, too. There is nothing that your students won’t like about fleece scarves. All you have to do is to get the fabric and lay it on a flat table. Use the scissors to cut appropriate scarves that don’t need further sewing or trimming. You can make fringes by cutting the top and bottom parts. Pick colors that your students will love or ask them about their favorite colors and prints. This is a gift that will keep your students feel warm and loved.

4. Personalized Stress Balls

It is expected that students, especially university and high school students, will be under a lot of pressure because they can’t cope with the number of tasks they need to submit on a regular basis. They might find peace and comfort by depending on a reliable online assignment writing service that will help them finish their essays and research papers in the best quality. But you can also give them something to make them feel that you understand and appreciate what they are going through. You can personalize some stress balls by adding the students’ initials. You can also add an encouraging statement using a permanent marker like “Keep going!” or “You can do it.”

5. Multi-Charging Station

A lot of students have multiple electronic devices that they want to charge. Give your students a station that can charge several mobile phones, laptops, iPads, and iPods at the same time. As a matter of fact, several students can share the same gift. You can install one in each dorm room or leave several ones in the lecture room where students can have access to the charging unit.

These gifts are going to help your students feel more loved and appreciated. It is a chance to spread the love and positivity as they know that you care about them.

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