Top 7 Online Games to Increase Your Mind Power

It is no hidden fact that technology has taken over a big part of human lives today. Not only has it made life easier, but also a lot more interesting. There are various ways now in which different tasks can be performed, only because of such innovation! Computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets are part of the ever-growing circle of devices. Almost every person on this planet Earth has at least one of the mentioned devices at home.

The best thing about them is that they are multi-functional. You can perform many tasks with a single device at your fingertips. It is said that games on such devices ruin a child or any said person playing it, as it only wastes their time and energy. That is not true! Games are not only for children anymore. Several teenagers and adults are addicted to a variety of platforms that support games and keep them stuck to the screen for hours because they teach them skills kinds of what they never learned anywhere else. An excellent example of this is Aplay Casino which tests your deduction skills.

Online Gaming

You will find many games, online and offline, that better the co-ordination of a person. While some help tweak their multi-tasking as well as social skills. However, there are certain games specifically created for the enhancement of the natural CPU of the body, the brain. They aim to boost those parts of the brain that highly improve your cognitive skills, such as your learning ability, memory, problem-solving, ability to mentally visualize any concept and so much more.

What if you knew it earlier? What if you knew that they are not entirely harmful? That it might help them in ways that you never imagined possible? Would the non-players give it a try as well? Playing the right kind of game engages a person into entertainment that improves their skills to survive in this competitive world altogether.

Many of cool games are found on various online platforms for free. Here is a list of the top 7 online games to increase your mind power:

1. Web Sudoku:

You can find Sudoku puzzles based on numbers anywhere, but there seem to be endless sets offered on this website called Web Sudoku, that you can solve for free. They have the easiest of puzzles to the hardest ones. What makes this game interesting is that there is only one solution to every box. It is an efficient way to stimulate your brain, as it keeps you practicing and testing your memory as well as logical thinking. Both of them work side-by-side when you engross in this game. Visit for an experience that will actually stir your brain for good. It can be played on all kinds home browsers, iPads and Android devices.

2. Money Games

It’s been seen that when there is real money on the stake or there is a chance to earn real money for gamer’s performance then he unlocks the power hidden inside his mind. If you want to surprise yourself from your own hidden potential then the best game to play is:

While playing this game, your mind will be 100% active because you know with each and every wise move, you will earn real money.


The number one online site to play the highly brain stressing game of chess is Over 24 million players engage in a battle of strategy that yields several cognitive benefits in children as well as elders. You get to learn from the world’s best players there. Playing chess can increase the crucial skills of careful observation, caution, forethought and percipience. It increases your IQ, if played on a regular basis. To benefit the most from a game of chess, head over to

4. Briangle:

The online site, Briangle has the largest collection of mind power increasing games. They have over 15,000 teasers, puzzles, riddles and logic problems submitted and ranked by users. You may get to see a lot of unusual games there which cannot be found anywhere else. Quizzes and IQ tests are also available on a daily basis. Work out your mind on the section that fixates on being aerobics for you mind, called Mentalrobics. Moreover, vocabulary and cryptography skills can also be practiced with its variation of puzzles. This site also consists multiplayer games which let you engage in games with people from around the world. In short, a great place to exercise your memory, creativity and manage stress. To play, visit and enter a world of adventures.

5. Lumosity:

Lumosity is a free brain training program available online as well in the form of an app compatible with all your devices. It helps in keeping your mind active through a number of fun and interactive puzzle games. The educational games of Lumosity for adults offers more than 40 games. They have been designed in a particular way to test the problem-solving skills, memory and critical thinking of an individual. You might find the games to be quick and simple, but a lot of focus will be required to master them. There are personalized training programs where you will receive tips for better speed, strategy and game accuracy. To challenge your mind with fun tasks, go to

6. Brain Metrix:

Brain Metrix is a website dedicated to programs for training the brain. They call themselves the gym for brains and invite people of all sorts to give their games a try. They encourage you to stretch and train your mind to the limit with the help of their engaging brain training games and fun activities. Visit to achieve greater fitness of your mind.

7. Mind Games:

A series of games to improve all sorts of skills are present on Mind Games. Different types of math, puzzle, word, and memory games can be availed on this site. Children will most likely spend a good amount of time there, without even knowing that they are enhancing their brain. Go to to start playing.

These games help in making the brain sharper through mental simulation. Also, simple, easily accessible games that can be played quickly are also known to promote relaxation, improve the moods of the players and ward off anxiety. As concentration and attention are vital in such games, they are highly improved as they advance to further levels. It is great way to spend your free time doing fun exercises for your brain.

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