How to win an iPad 9.7 from a mystery box – DrakeMall tutorial

E-commerce has brought forth new ideas and innovations to take the field of shopping. Some new platforms have resorted to creative means of pulling crowds to themselves by having more interactive and fun to use their websites. DrakeMall is a revolutionary site in which one can not only have fun in their purchases but can get excitement with them by opening a mystery box to get them. The prices are so low that you would imagine they are actually giving them to you for free! Would you believe if we told you that you can actually get a iPad 6 for $50 or even less at DrakeMall? Take a look at our article as we show you how to win lots of amazing products at incredibly low prices just by opening DrakeMall’s mystery boxes.


Best iPad for Teaching

Among some of the products offered at DrakeMall at a very low price is the iPad 9.7 2018. Designed by Apple’s brilliant minds in Cupertino, this device has all the best specs, some of which we shall review in this article. The features of this 6th generation iPad make it the most convenient for use by teachers. This iPad for teachers has some of the core features which make it desirable for use in a classroom. Students and pupils can also use this iPad in their daily school activities, learning made easier by the new iPad 9.7 2018. The redesigned iWork suite enables users to doodle and is also able to create digital books in its pages. Moreover, students can track their schoolwork using the Schoolwork app while enjoying a friendly AR coding tool.

Drakemall for teaching

The fact that the Apple iPad 9.7 comes with the support of the Apple Pencil, adds more to the tablet. It enables a whole new dimension and method of interaction, bringing new apps with it to interact with, a great step up from its predecessors such as the 2017 5th generation iPad. The upgraded chipset offers more power to the device that it can do literally everything any other high-end device offers, even better.

What else can you get from the Apple Case on DrakeMall

Apart from a chance to win an iPad, there is an array of whole other Apple products you can get from DrakeMall at the cheapest price. You can even stand a chance to get a new Apple TV 4K from the site. Moreover, if you are using the Apple TV, there is a high chance of likeliness that the remote can get lost. Such a tiny little device can fix itself in an unnoticeable space of your house making you start worrying. Well, stress no more as you can also find yourself an Apple TV remote replacement at DrakeMall by just getting a new Apple TV for the lowest price!

Apple Case Drakemall

DrakeMall – short review

Getting started with Drakemall is not like rocket science, it is a pretty simple process. The process is even made simpler by the friendly, easy to use website. First, you need to create an account, using your email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+, create your password and that’s it. Before being able to get prizes, you have to load your DrakeMall Wallet with credits you can buy from them. The credits can be bought through normal payment methods such as credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or by using PayPal (this way you can purchase DrakeMall’s gift cards). Or you just can go straight and purchase the gift cards, for example, on Kinguin.

Drakemall review

When your account has enough credit, a number of mystery boxes are displayed on your screen with a picture of one of the products you may spin and win. When you click on the mystery box box, you are displayed a number of other items in the box which you can win. The adventurous part about this is that no one really knows what they get from the mystery box. Once you take a spin, you get to win a randomly picked prize out of the ones displayed from the virtual mystery box. If lucky, you can stand a chance to win an iPad 9.7.

More spins – higher chances for winning

Should you not win it in the first round, do not give up. You can always give it another try. The beauty of DrakeMall is that no one loses. You are guaranteed a prize at each spin. In as much as a win for the item you were aiming for is not guaranteed but based or someone’s luck, the other products found in the same mystery box box are equally amazing. One can win an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr among many other products.

Drakemall spins

Moreover, should you win an item you would not wish to keep, DrakeMall has a Quick Sell feature which allows you to sell back the product to them after which you will receive credits to your account which can be used to open other mystery boxes.

Will DrakeMall deliver me my iPad 6?

The company offers delivery worldwide to all those who request delivery of the prizes they won. DrakeMall works with trusted shipping companies which ensure that your products are delivered safely to your doorstep without unnecessary delays. After you request for delivery, all you have to do is wait for a couple of weeks before you receive it. Overseas shipment may take a longer time due to distance and also the time it takes to clear up with the customs; note that you may have to pay for customs charges. The company will get you a refund or replacement should the product reach you damaged and having any issues. For damaged products, the shipping companies will be liable to pay the company which will, in turn, pay you the client.

Conclusion: why DrakeMall is the best place to get the cheapest iPad

DrakeMall is a very legitimate and a genuine company. Transactions made on the website are very safe and legal as the company as a valid e-gaming validation license and is regulated by the Government of Curacao. Both your private and financial information is also very much safe as no credit card information is stored on the website. This answers your worries concerning DrakeMall on why it’s safe and legal. Visit Drake Mall today and get to have fun with their mystery boxes!

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