8 Kinds of Restaurant Hardware and Technology You Require

How do you make sure that your customers come back to your restaurant again? It isn’t just the necessity of good food but also the easy availability of good service, which begins with the efficiency of your restaurant. The traditional methods can be nostalgic anyway, but modernizing would be beneficial to the progress and the popularity of your restaurant. It not only improves efficiency but also attracts customers, leading to its popularity.

Now, before deciding on the equipment or the technology for your restaurant, you need to sort out your priorities and your restaurant’s type, namely, mid-scale restaurant, fast food restaurant, fine or casual dining. For instance, one would require headsets for attendants in restaurants selling fast food.

Another example could be, delivery people who transport food from restaurants to people at their doorsteps would require phones and transportation mode to carry out their job. Here, you can of course use food delivery apps services to outsourcing this part of your business but as they charge very high commission, the wisest choice would be to use amazing delivery service by Profitboss founder Adam Guild who came to disrupt the food delivery system by providing better services & commission rates to both customers and restaurants owners.

The size of the restaurant might also be another deciding factor. Therefore, you would require several tools for the dining and serving areas, the back and the front of a restaurant. If you’re confused and not sure about where to start from, 8 types of such technology and types of equipment have been listed below:

Point Of Sale

A point of sale is usually found at the front side of a restaurant where a customer’s orders are taken and transactions are recorded. A tablet or a terminal or an iPad could be an effective point of sale.

It makes your life smoother and easier by keeping records and tracking your inventory and sales. It keeps track of each purchase and thus records information on the products and the amount of each product, in order to help you calculate the cost of the sold products or food. It also connects traditional register transactions on paper to the computer.

Point of Sale has many benefits such as getting access to previous transactions easily, simplifying and breaking down the process of accounting, itemized and customized receipts full of information and fast service. They have fewer errors in calculation and tracking and it can be repaired at a very low cost.

Guest Management

It is better known as Restaurant Waitlist and Reservation Software. Guest Management is basically located at the front of a restaurant that looks after waiting lists, reservations and also gives analytics which aid the owners of the restaurant in making any important decisions regarding the restaurant. It provides the guests with amazing experience through their great services like waiting on them, helping them out in case of emergencies and by helping the guests in making reservations easily.

Some of such systems in various restaurants have apps designed for the customers to keep a check on the services available, waiting lists and times and they can also make any reservation, quickly and conveniently at the ease and comfort of one’s house, without even calling them up. They also might collect important information on guests like anniversaries, important dates, birthdays, food allergies, and others, to make the experience of the guests even better. With the help of this system, the restaurants also act as an incredible host by maintaining and organizing everything, along with assisting the guests in every possible way.

Pole Display

It displays the available food items and their prices so that the guests and the customers are easily and conveniently able to calculate, decide and follow their bill as it shows the aggregate cost, to the customers, for the food they want to purchase. It works in partnership with the Point of Sale to not only garner information and feedbacks but also carry out its work efficiently.

Kitchen Display

A KDS or the system of putting the kitchen on display, which is usually a back- of- the- house system where it is situated at the back side of a restaurant and it replaces kitchen printers and paper tickets as it can digitally view your order. An order, when given through a Point of Sale, it gets displayed on the kitchen display system. It also manages recipe storage, food routing and has significant kitchen data. It has various advantages like it can improve and enhance efficiency, organize the back of the house, reduces the ticket timings, and also improves the food quality.


The Controller is where the customers give their orders, and those orders are processed and organized, which are further displayed on Kitchen Display. It helps in powering the KDS in order to make sure that it operates efficiently. The kitchen controllers can withstand high-temperature and harsh kitchen circumstances and environments due to their incredible durability and thus, they last for a long time.

Inventory Management

It manages inventory in a restaurant with the help of other technologies and software. Inventory Management helps the restaurant owners in tracking the usage of all the food, planning out their menu, calculating the aggregate cost of all the goods sold, controlling waste, and deciding upon the food costs. The Inventory Management is very important in managing theft, spoilage, overproduction, and waste.

Bump Bars

This is situated at the back of the house which helps the Kitchen Display in managing the order of the Restaurant. Bump bars are used by kitchen staffs to remove the orders already served, thus, helping the restaurant in creating a more advanced, responsible and efficient kitchen. Bump bars, just like the controllers, are designed to endure high-temperature and harsh kitchen environments. A good bump bar must have a warranty with a touch of competitiveness.

QSR Bump Bars


This is both a back and front of the house arrangement or kind of hardware. Mounting holds the Guest Management and the Kitchen Display System, together. Mounting makes sure that the wires are kept out of sight, safe and secure.

Restaurants are go-to places for everyone these days and they are not only available in chains but also are available for various kind of people with a various range of willingness to pay different amounts of money. However, these restaurants have more to it than just food and interiors. A restaurant is liked and rated well, only when the service provided is also good along with the good food and this is possible with the introduction and use of hardware and technologies, which enhances the effectiveness, efficiency and the popularity of a restaurant.

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