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On December 21, 2017
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If you are a frequent DVD user who enjoys watching movies on TV, PC or Laptop then you might also be annoyed of scratches which come out of nowhere on your DVD surface. As you play your DVD again and again, the number of scratches increase and start creating disturbance on video and audio qualities of DVD. Scratches also appear due to inappropriate handling of DVD and if they are big, they can damage the content of DVD and hence you won’t be able to play any videos available inside your DVD.

If you want to keep your DVD safe from scratches but still enjoy watching its videos then you can rip the DVD. You can extract videos from DVD and convert them into a format supported by Laptop, PC, Smartphone or any other device where you wish to watch its videos. However, extracting videos from DVD is not as easy as Copy-Paste. DVD Titles are interlinked. Then there are main menu navigation, subtitles, and sometimes, DRM scripts encoded which won’t let you copy videos from DVD to your PC directly. And, of course, no inbuilt tool in Windows allows you to convert videos from one format to another.

So, to extract desired videos from DVD, DVD ISO Image File or DVD Video Folder and to convert them to any desired video format, WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO is the best software you can use.

WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO

WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO is an excellent software that allows you to rip your DVD very quickly. The entire DVD ripping takes atmost 5 minutes and you’ll have your DVD content digitized at 1:1 quality. Whether you’re willing to create a backup of your DVD, edit videos, extract them or convert them to any other video/audio formats, copy from copy-protected DVDs, the software represents the easiest way to do any of these actions.

WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO is literally a zero-difficulty software which can be used by anyone having little knowledge of computer to rip their DVD. After inserting disk, you only need to load it to the software, select an output format and tap RUN button to rip a DVD. The software interface is simple and very straight-forward but for users who seek advance functionality to perform special actions on desired videos, WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO offers all sort of comprehensive settings too.

Let me show you the step-by-step guide to rip any DVD quickly using this blazing fast DVD Ripping software. Throughout the tutorial, I will also describe all of its advanced features so that you’ll be able to use WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO up to its full potential.

Rip a DVD using WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO

WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO allows you to rip DVD from the DVD disc that you insert in your DVD drive, DVD ISO Image and from DVD Video Folder. You can use any of them as a source. Here, I am using my movies’ DVD so I’ve selected DVD Disc to let the software load content from my DVD.

Now, be patient and within few seconds the content (videos) of your DVD will appear on the software with important information such as thumbnail preview, title, size, resolution, duration, audio & subtitles information, etc. to allow you to identify each and every video. However, if you still can’t identify the video, click on the thumbnail, and WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO inbuilt video player will start playing the video.

Select desired videos from the list that you want to rip. Before moving to the next step i.e., to select the Output format, if you want to edit a video, click the Edit button available on right side of each listed video. It will open an editing panel which allows you to crop a video, scale it, rotate, flip and apply a variety of filters to make the video even more appealing.

When you’re done, click OK button on this Edit screen and you’ll return back to your previous video to proceed further.

The default output format is MPG which will convert all videos of your DVD to single MPG file but if you want to change it, let’s say you want to convert DVD to AVI, then tap the “Output Profile” button. It will expand and show all the video formats in which you can convert your DVD videos.

On the front screen, the software only shows most common output formats but if you want to convert your videos to a format compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Devices, Sony Devices, Android Smart Phones, any web video format, any audio format, Amazon Video formats, Huwaei, LG, Samsung Devices, Google Videos, Microsoft devices or any other video formats then worry not, WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO is capable of converting videos to 250+ different videos formats.

Just click on any of the video categories from above and all the video formats available in the category will appear in front of you, click to select a suitable format.

Once you’ve selected the desired video output format, click on the “Output Profile” button again to shrink this window and to take you back to the main screen. Now, if you want to perform further settings such as managing the output quality, bitrate, sample ratio, volume, frame rate, etc., tap the “Settings” button available just above the RUN button on the bottom-right corner.

By default, all the settings are set to optimum values. So, don’t touch until or unless you’ve very specific need to change them. When you’re done, tap the RUN button available here at the bottom to start ripping all the selected DVD videos in the chosen output format. As WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO starts ripping videos, it will keep on showing the progress for each video conversion too. Allow the software a few minutes to rip all your desired videos.

Once the process is complete, the software will automatically open the output folder from where you can play videos, check their output formats, quality and transfer them to your devices. You can also click on “Open Folder” button available at the bottom to manually open the folder where the ripped videos are available.

Wrapping it Up

So, as you can see ripping DVD is made so much easier with the help of WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO. The software performs DVD ripping at blazing fast speed without compromising on quality. No missing key frames, no redraw issues, no crashes, you’ll have your videos digitized at the original quality without any problem. It is capable to extract and rip DVDs even after DRM protection, region code protection, multi-angle, CSS, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM and Cinavia Protection.

The DVD Ripper creates a perfect balance of compression ratio, file size and output quality. A DVD of 7.5GB is ripped in just 1.2GB with the software. Its intelligent technology allows it to detect the main title for DVD movie from 99 other titles and filter out ads, trailer, video clips and other unnecessary things.

In my opinion, will all its features and tools, WonderFox DVD Ripper PRO is an excellent software to have for DVD ripping.

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