Sci-Fi Games for Any True Sci-Fi Fan

The science-fiction genre merges science and fiction to give us glimpses of what the future could look like. That’s what makes this genre of movies, TV shows, and games so appealing. Developers can go as far as their creativity takes them and end up with a satisfying product. There are lots of sci-fi titles in the gaming industry.

Some are simpler than others, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality. If you’re a fan of this genre and you’re looking for something to play then here are some titles:

Fallout: New Vegas

This is a sci-fi title that’s hailed as a genius title when it comes to the Fallout franchise. It’s set in the titular Vegas, but a new one that was built by the surviving parties. As you survive nuclear fallout you need to complete missions and help various groups to make it in the world. As it’s set in Vegas you’ll even get to go to some casinos and play casino games for currency or items in the game.

Casino games are mostly enjoyed online nowadays. There are lots of casino sites that offer a variety of roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat as well as a considerable amount of slots in their selections. They come with enticing bonuses as well. That’s why casino players come across more than one online casino guide that rates and lists various casino sites. The main thing to remember about these sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars fans have undoubtedly heard of this gem and played it. It’s an excellent title for any sci-fi fan as it gives you an amazing story and your choices will influence the end of it. It starts out with a character creation process that lets you pick from several set characters. Once that’s done you awake on a ship being bombarded by the Sith. As you make it out with Carth, you end up on a Sith planet. There you must ally yourself with one swoop gang or another to get to Bastila, your ship’s former captain.

Once you get her out, you need to make it off the planet which is a challenging mission. But once you’re out, the adventure begins as you visit a Jedi Temple and learn to be a Jedi. Or you can go the opposite direction and become a Sith. The dialogue options can steer the story to the bad or the good ending of the game. Another thing worth noting is the fact that this is one of the earliest RPGs that laid the foundation for future RPG titles.

Half-Life 2

As you’re in a metro heading for a station you’re awakened by the mysterious G-man as the right man in the wrong place. As you wake up, you smell the ashes of the new world that has been enslaved by the Combine, a race of technologically advanced aliens. As Gordon Freeman, you’ll go on several missions against the Combine as you help the humans drive them away.

It’s an FPS sci-fi title that comes with an amazing story and characters. Half-Life 2 comes with 2 episodes that work as sequels to the game. It doesn’t take much to get the hang of it and if you like it, there’s a remastered version of the first game you can enjoy. There’s also Half-Life Alyx which is a VR title that serves as both a prequel and sequel to the second installment of the Half-Life franchise.

Starcraft II

The first sci-fi title might as well have joined the list, but the second one is pretty good as well. During the Wings of Liberty campaign you play as Jim Raynor and your job is to overthrow emperor Mengsk, but along the way, you find out Kerrigan survived. You battle on 2 fronts and have to make important decisions before each mission. Then there’s the Heart of the Swarm expansion where you play with the Zerg and the Legacy of the Void expansion that lets you play with the Protoss.

All 3 campaigns come with excellent stories that are tied together. You’ll get to play with familiar characters again and explore new worlds with improved graphics. You can play it online with friends or play custom games on the many maps available. In short, Starcraft II is another sci-fi title for any true sci-fi fan.

These are only some of the many amazing sci-fi titles that you’ll come across. There are plenty of them out there.

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