Three Apps Great for Streaming Sports

Although streaming services have been around for decades now, the pandemic has increased the numbers of people utilizing their services.

Digitally based platforms such as Disney+ gained 22 million subscribers at the onset of the lockdown, as more people took to the services available online than ever before. Even those without smart TVs were taking to purchasing things like the Amazon Fire Stick to get their fixes of movie classics, but watching content from the internet also rose to prominence in sports. 45% of sports fans worldwide are now paying exclusively for streaming services to keep in touch with their favorite clubs and players, reports Sportspromedia.

With 80% of the global population now said to be smartphone users, it’s not a surprise to see that it’s the portable device that is the platform of choice for those wanting their on-demand sports action. No longer is the aerial-based TV the king of the ring, as only 23% watch on the classic setup. Some would argue that the reason for this is the apps available on mobiles and tablets have other options to their service, with streaming included as their offer, even if it’s not their core use.

sports streaming

For fans wanting to keep up with the latest scores, Livescore is a service that updates the latest scores from events around the world as they happen, but there is a selection of live sports broadcast within the app to watch too. There is also the Coral Sports App on Google Play, which offers streaming as part of its service, although it is limited to horse racing and selected events. However, soccer fans can catch some La Liga and Serie A on the app, as well as all UK horse racing, meets.

However, some are solely dedicated to streaming and are seen as essential for sports fans to see their heroes in action. There are so many choices available that can only be seen as a positive as there’s always something to watch, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of apps that are great for streaming sports.


For the sports fan on the go, this is possibly THE choice for streaming. From Saturday night football to top rank boxing, it’s all here for you. There are exclusives to the platform, from The Ultimate Fighter and UFC, available to the 30 for 30 series of documentaries. The app is free to download, and you’ll be able to keep up with the latest scores but to watch all the live sports on offer, you must have a subscription to open up all of the options.

Hulu+ Live TV

Like ESPN, this is a subscription-based app, but the difference is that when you start, you get a free trial of what the service has to offer, allowing you to assess its options before striking up a deal. There are recording options and access to a host of channels, and it can be bundled with ESPN+ to double down on your sporting activities if you wish. Fans can personalize the app so that recommendations will appear, and you can watch the same game on two different devices if you want to share the experience.


Peacock is the app for fans of Premier League soccer; NBC has the right to show the best of the English league, so their app is the place to see some of the world’s best players hit the back of the net. The app is free to download, and there are some free-to-view options; however, if you want to watch soccer, you will need to pay for a subscription. Once you’ve paid for the subscription, you can watch it on the smartphone, tablet, computer, or even smart TV, depending on your platform of choice.

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