How to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

With the advancements seen every day, it should not come as a surprise to realize that people today have moved from being in front of an old television grayscale set with only a number of channels for entertainment to a fully UHD 4K vivid displays with more than thousands of shows, series and movies to choose from. Apart from satellite TV and cable, the internet has also started its rounds on serving the people with good content.

One such equipment is the Amazon Fire TV stick. It is an increasingly popular device for streaming that is simple, yet rich in features. It offers a comparatively low in cost solution for the conversion of any regular TV which is HDMI compatible into the smart TV you always wanted. With its functionality, compact size and an Android OS version that is totally souped-up, it has given a direct competition to others in the same field.

Amazon FireSticks Hacks

The device lets you choose and stream online contents from an array of entertainment and media services such as Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu and similar other networks. So, if you happen to own or plan to buy the Amazon Fire TV stick, here are some ways by which you can get the most out of it:

Voice Search: An easy and quick option

The device comes with a voice search feature that works like a charm. You can simply press the button on it for the voice option and say the title of whichever video or show that you want to watch. It will start on your screen within seconds for you to enjoy. Make use of it especially when you feel too lazy to type in or just want to seem cool in front of your friends or relatives. It will not disappoint you and give you the best content in a jiffy.

Portability: Never miss your favorite recipes of fun

Since the Amazon Fire TV stick is a compact device, you can easily unplug it from your TV at your home and carry it with you when you travel, to continue the entertainment wherever you go. You do not have to miss out on your favorite movies and shows. Just connect it to any HDMI port, hook it with an internet connection and you will be all set to watch the next episode or scene that you wanted to see.

Get your gaming right

Another amazing facility that comes with this device is the offered quality and wide array of selection of games that you get to enjoy. They take your gaming hobbies very seriously and want to ensure that you take yours equally serious too. For enhanced experience, you also have the option of upgrading to a game controller offered by Fire-TV which comes with D-pad, dual joysticks and shoulder buttons, along with the functionalities possible with a regular remote having Alexa. So, you do not have to go on changing sets for the sake of different preferences of entertainment.

Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick

As enjoyable and fun the device seems, the subscriptions of the services that offer the content, do not come cheap. For that, you can use the Firestick jailbreak option which allows the free access to many shows, channels, movies and more through streaming applications that are third-party. Also, do not get worried, because it is a legal process. Only if you stream content that is pirated, you will be in trouble, otherwise, it is a great way to save your pocket from the burning of quite a large hole in it.

Enhanced connection with Alexa

If you have the smart assistant containing device named Alexa at home, you can easily link it to your Fire TV stick and make more use out of the functionalities. You can make ‘her’ find, control, search shows, movies and applications for you at the press of a button. With Alexa getting new skills every now and then, you can view live feeds from the camera, order food, book cabs, check scores on loved sports activities and stream so many songs using the remote.

Control the Amazon Fire TV stick using your phone

There will be times when the remote might be lost or is hidden by another family member, or it has been misplaced, what will be the scenario in such cases? Is it a lost cause? Well, of course not, as Amazon has fortunately released official applications for iOS and Android systems that let the users control their devices using their smartphone. It is totally free of cost and offers the feature of voice control as well. It is actually a better option for entering passwords much easily and quickly due to its interface. You can also cast your iPhone to firestick to view everything from the phone on the big screen.

Installation of VPN

There are some sites which are available for particular areas or countries. To access those, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for accessing such geo-restricted, blocked content. It provides a secure experience of faster streaming that lets you enjoy anonymous search activities using the internet. It also lets you download data from such sites, giving you access to innumerable media on your device, while simultaneously being ghost on their servers. The only limitation of it being workable on sticks of 2nd generation, it has great benefits for you in stock once you enter its world.

Other than the aforementioned ways to get the most out of your Amazon Fire TV Stick, there must be ones that you personally use to your own satisfaction. Do not hesitate to mix and match them to see the magic happening in front of your own eyes. Once you start understanding the best of its features, you will leave behind all the hesitations and go ahead for the entertainment that you deserve. This small, nifty and smart device is a breakthrough for those binge watchers who never let anything stop them from completing a series or two or more. So, get the device and explore its wonderfulness on your own.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.