Send Birthday Songs with Names to Your Friends and Loved Ones on Their Birthdays

If you have a special friend or someone you love very much whose birthday is coming up, I am sure you’ll be more excited for his birthday than he himself. You would want to wish him in the most touching way, give him a unique present, enjoy with him the whole day and make his birthday a memorable one for this time around.

You would plan to wish him just when the clock hits 12 before anyone else can with them. And, how have you exactly planned to wish him? By just calling him and telling how he means to you? This is cute but don’t you think everybody else does the same so, what’s unique?

It’s understood that you are not in front of him at the moment but that’s doesn’t mean you can’t make your wishes special. Birthday Songs with names is bringing a unique way to wish your favorite friend and loved one on their birthday. It allows you to send a full personalized birthday song in which the singer actually dedicates the song to him by saying his name many times while singing.

From A to Z, there are more than 7000 names & relations to choose from. And for every name, 6 different birthday songs are available to wish your special person with totally different and unique birthday songs in Hindi or English. And, NO the names are not added in a dull way via any automated voice or background audio, the singer actually includes the name 3 to 4 times in all the verses.

Personalized Birthday Wishes Songs

Visit the website and click on the starting alphabet of the person’s name. Let’s assume for a moment that his name is Lakshay. Then you need to browse the L page. Click L and it will open up the page having all names starting with L. Scroll down to find Lakshya as letters are arranged alphabetically, you will not have any problem finding the name.

Once you have located the name, click on it and it will redirect you to the page from where you can download the personalized song on the desired name. There are over 5 different birthday songs each one costs only Rs. 85/-. Of course, you can listen to the songs before purchasing by clicking on the Listen button provided with each song. Select the ones you find the best and click Order Selected Songs to proceed with ordering the song.

Though each song costs Rs. 85, ordering more than one song will provide you a hefty discount. accept payments via Paytm wallet, Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card. Once you click the “Order Selected Songs” page, you’ll be redirected to the payment page where you need to enter your name, email address and phone number. Apply the promo code if you have any or proceed directly to pay via Paytm or PayUMoney payment gateway.

As soon as you pay, you will be redirected to the page from where you can download the purchased song and it will also be sent to the submitted email address to easily download anytime.

Personalized birthday songs are no doubt the best type of birthday wishes you can send to your friends and loved ones on their birthday but if you want to make your birthday wish even more special for that unique person who are a blessing in your life then will provide an even better way to send birthday greetings.

Personalized Birthday Normal or Video eCard creates a beautiful video of you & your friend with amazing effects, transitions and captions on the special occasion of your friend’s birthday. You can choose to create Normal or Video eCard after purchasing the song.

The Birthday eCard will have your friend or loved ones’ photo inade an birthday frame and your selected song will play in background which is good but I personally recommend choosing to “Create a birthday video” as this option allows you to add multiple photos of you & your friends/loved one which will be smoothly inserted into the birthday video ecard. With all the amazing effects, transitions, captions on your pics and personal message, the video ecard is totally awesome.

You can even share these eCards with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp or via Email to making him feel more special.

Birthday Dialer – The Most Awaited Feature is soon releasing the most requested feature Birthday Dialer which will call your friend on your behalf at specified date and time on his birthday. Birthday dialer will call him and sing your favorite birthday song that you’ve selected to play for him to make him surprised and happy, both at the same time. If the person doesn’t pick the call, Birthday dialer will try to call him at an interval of 15 minutes and notification will be sent to your phone as an SMS.

If you have network issues or you think you won’t be able to stay awake or make a call at exact 12.00 AM then this feature is perfect for you but you can also choose any other time and date which you feel would be more comfortable. Even if this is not the case you should still try this feature because Birthday Dialer will bring some strange type of fun that you won’t be able to add by yourself. Brace yourself till the feature released and in the meantime, watch this below video to know how to purchase personalized birthday song, ecard or video ecard from :


Your friend deserves the best birthday wish. Thanks to to provide so many unique and cool ways to wish Happy Birthday to our friends at such affordable cost. I am definitely going to use this service to send cool birthday greetings to my friends onwards as I love them very much. So, if you love your friends enough then go a step ahead in wishing them with personalized birthday song & video.

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