Find Out How To Open Common Audio File Extensions

There are so many different audio file extensions. There are compressed, as well as uncompressed formats. The most common are WAV, AIF, and MP3. They contain data which can be easily played with almost all audio software.

Working with WAV audio file extension

WAV is a very popular audio file extension. This file type uses a standard audio format which is utilized for storing digital data. Using this file type you are able to record and save your recording with various sampling bitrates and rates which are usually saved in a stereo format, 16-bit and 44.1 Khz formats. This is a common audio format on the majority of CD disks.

WAV is the abbreviation of Waveform Audio File Format and it is pronounced as “Wave”. All WAV files are almost the same as AF file types. However, there is a difference between then, because these files are based on RIFF which is Resource Interchange File Format. As for AIF files, they are mainly based on Audio Interchange File Format, or shortly AIFF. WAV files are very common on computers which are based on Windows operating system, while AIF files are mainly used on Macintosh operating system.

Working with AIF audio file extension

Let’s find out what AIF files are. This file can be created by AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format. Such files have the same uncompressed CD audio quality, just like WAV files. If you want to store a typical CD audio this is the best file format. You should know that AIF files were created for Apple computers. They are mainly based on the format which is called IFF (Electronic Arts). AIFF files use the rate 44.1 Khz and they are 16-bit. There is another great thing about this file type is that it offers a couple of channels for a high-quality stereo sound.

Working with MP3 audio file extension

MP3 is a very common audio file which is a compressed file format developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group). Using MP3 files you will get exactly the same sound to its original recording. This file format requires much less space on your disk. If you compare the size of MP3 with AIFF or WAV files, MP3 is ten times smaller, but it has the same quality as CD. Such a great quality and small size made MP3 files very popular. When you download music, most probably you choose mp3 format. You can even download a whole music album and you will still have enough free space on your personal computer. It goes without saying, MP3 is the best format for storing music and other audio files on computers or any other kind of portable players such as iPods. Usually, all MP3 files contain a compressed audio, metadata and its header.

Usually, people face no issues opening such audio file formats. However, we never know what may happen. That is why, you should check out these three websites,, and where you will find additional programs for opening your audio files.

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