How to Write a Check: Step-By-Step Guide

Though there are many payment options available to send payment to employees, services & companies such as online payments, pay via Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Wallet, Paytm Wallet, Wire Transfer, ATM transfer, etc. but many people prefer to pay via Check because it comes with its own type of benefits that no other payment option provides:

  • You don’t need much details. Only the name of the recipient is enough.
  • Check can be made for a later date.
  • As the check is valid for months (>3 months), the recipient can cash it whenever he/she wants
  • You can provide blank check which allows the recipient to enter any amount that he wants
  • It allows you to pay big amount easily and with security
  • You can decide whether the recipient will receive cash or money in his bank account.
  • It can be canceled easily if it hasn’t deposited yet.
  • Checks are easily trackable.

There can be even more benefits depending on your business which makes Check a more feasible option rather than giving cash or use any other fancy options to make payments. However, to make payments with a check, you need to enter details in the exact format otherwise your check will be halted.

So, to use the Check payment method seamlessly, follow the below instruction to know how to properly write a check for US & Indian checks format.


  • Checkbook from your Bank account
  • Recipient’s full Name
  • A pen

How to Write a Check in US format

Below is the sample of a standard US check. All the US banks have similar checks. So, follow this step-by-step tutorial to know how to write check perfectly in US format.

Steps to Write Check :

I’ve marked 9 points in the above sample US check where you need to enter details from 1 to 6. 7, 8 and 9 are also important points that you need to know. Read below what each point means:

  1. Write Date in US accepted date formats. For example: 5/24/2018 & May 24, 2017 both are valid.
  2. Write Name of the Payee (Person or Company). It is recommended to write here in capital letters. For example: Joseph Hans or Verizon
  3. Enter the amount in Dollars but don’t write $ sign as it is already available on the left. Write cents after decimal if there is no cents amount, add two zeroes after decimal. For Example: 156.84 or 149.00
  4. Write the same amount in words and cents amount in divide by 100 style. For example: One hundred fifty-six dollars and 84/100.
  5. Here, you should write the purpose of check to let bank staff verify the purpose. For example: housing only or video editing or mortgage.
  6. Sign here in the same way you have signed in your Bank account
  7. Check number. You need to enter it in your checkbook to keep a track of the check.
  8. Routing Number – It is the routing number provided by the bank which is used to clear check electronically. It can be same for many of the bank account holder. The routing number is enclosed in ı:
  9. Account Number – it is your unique bank account number which is same for all your checks. The account number is generally accompanied by this special symbol .

Note – In point 3 and 4, after writing the amount in number or words, you can draw a horizontal line from the right all the way till the end to prevent anyone to add anything here.

How to write Check in Indian Format

Indian check format is slightly different than the US check but even the small mistake can bounce your check so you need to know the exact format to follow while writing Indian checks.

Above is the sample of State Bank of India (SBI) check. I’ve marked 9 points, read below what they meant and how to use them:

  1. Write the date in DD-MM-YYYY format. For Example: 24-05-2018
  2. Write Payee name (person or company/institution) in Capital letter. For Example: Rakesh Sharma or Dayal Singh College
  3. Write the amount (in Rupees) in numbers here. Don’t write Rs. or ₹ as it is already written on the left side of the box. For example: 12,573.74 or 1,000.
  4. Write the same amount you have written in point 3 in words, add ONLY/- at the last. For Example: Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Seventy-Three Rupees and Seventy Four Paisa Only/-
  5. In many checkbooks, the account number is already printed here. If it’s not, write your bank account number here.
  6. Sign here the same way you have signed in your bank account
  7. (Optional) If you write Pay A/C and enclose it in lines as represented, the amount will be sent to the payee’s bank account otherwise he can choose to either take cash or deposit the check amount to his bank account
  8. This is the check number you need to enter in your Checkbook index page to track the details of this check.
  9. This is the routing number which is used internally by the bank to perform electronic clearance of check.

Use the above formats to write a check for US or India and you’ll be able to make payments smoothly by the means of check. If you are facing any problem in following the format, you can comment below or consult your bank with its toll free number here.

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