The Importance of Shopify Themes for Your E-commerce Store

Shopify is a perfect solution for businesses. It is simple, safe, and cost-effective. With Shopify themes, you can do much more.

Shopify themes consist of

  • modules,
  • styles, and
  • other features

All these components are presented in a template format. They dictate how your Shopify store looks and feels.

Shopify themes represent your store’s front-end configuration. It uses:

  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • JS,
  • Liquid, and
  • image files

Shopify offers a variety of themes for selection. You can find a theme for free. But if you want more advanced functionalities, you can go for premium themes. You can even hire Shopify experts to design a custom theme.

Shopify Theme

How to use a Shopify Theme?

  • First, you need to select a theme that is relevant to your Shopify store.
  • After that, you must install it by clicking on “Add to theme library.”
  • The setup will only require a couple of minutes. After that, you can begin customizing your theme.
  • The editor includes a preview of the theme and a toolbar. You can use it to edit, modify, and delete content. Adjust your store’s settings as required.

You can also

  • include new pages on your website,
  • develop and share blog posts,
  • customize your website’s navigation and many other features.

Advantages of utilizing a Shopify theme.

Themes reduce the amount of work you have to do. In just a few minutes and with a few clicks, you can create your ideal eCommerce website.


Are you aware of the expenses involved in developing a website from the beginning? The price can range from $12,000 to $150,000.

One of the major advantages of Shopify themes is their cost-effectiveness. Unlike building a website from scratch, you can design your store without any cost! Shopify provides a variety of free themes, which can help you create an attractive store design without breaking the bank.

For a large variety of products or additional features you can choose a premium theme. You can hire Shopify specialists in that case to set up your e-commerce store.

However, it is still more economical than constructing a website from the beginning.

In addition, a website requires adequate upkeep for effective performance. The maintenance costs of a classic website can vary from $400 to $60,000 per year.

These costs could place pressure on the financial health of your business. In this scenario, Shopify is the best option for launching your store.

With Shopify themes you can easily personalize your store to suit your preferences.

Additionally, your store will not resemble other online stores. You can customize the Shopify theme to create your own distinct store.

The majority of Shopify themes are customizable. You can modify

  • colors,
  • font,
  • layout,
  • navigation

If you require assistance with customizing Shopify Store Management Services can assist you with that.

Responsive on mobile devices

In the digital age most yout customers prefer to use mobile devices for online shopping. Additionally, Google loves mobile-friendly e-commerce sites. So  when you focus on making your website responsive on mobile devices it automatically contributes to your SEO efforts.

But how exactly does Shopify themes improve responsiveness on mobile devices? Let’s find out:

  • Built-in responsiveness: Shopify themes designed by reputed companies feature build-in responsiveness. Your theme will automatically adjust to various screen dimensions. You don’t need to spend hours developing code or optimzing your store for mobile screens.
  • Adaptive navigation menues: Shopify themes features adaptive navigation. Navigation menus simplify when your website visitor is browsing your site from smaller screens. For example, converting a detailed desktop navigation into hamburger menus. Such adaptive features enhance usability and makes it easier for visitors to find what they need.
  • Regular updates: User expectations evolve with time. And you store needs an upgrade from time-to-time to accommodate these evolving need. Shopify theme developers regularly update their themes to incorporate the latest best practices. Thus, you don’t need to invest significant time to keep your store current with evolving web standards and user expectations.

Quick entry to the market.

With increasing competition you need to launch yout store in the market as soon as possible. And Shopify themes makes that easier. You don’t need to create extensive codes, designs and layouts to lauch your store. Instead, create your store using pre-built templates.

To build and launch a simple and creative Shopify store you’ll need only 1 to 2 weeks. Even if you want a more advanced store, it’ll take approximately 4-8 week to create and launch your store.

Here’s an overview on the approximate timeline of store creation using Shopify themes:

  • Account creation and basic store setup (4-8 hrs)
  • Shopify theme selection and customization (1-3 days). This is where you save time. If you plan to create a theme for scratch you’ll need to dedicate more time, resources and money.
  • Adding your products and content with the help of Shopify store management services. (1-4 days).

Use the saved time to promote your newly launched store and attract online visitors.

How do you choose the best Shopify Theme For Your Business?

Time to go live

It is important that you launch your new or renovated store without stretching the deadline. Shopify offer both free and premium themes. You just use them with minor modifications if you need your store to be live immediately.

But being creative and unique pays in the e-commerce domain. If that’s your goal, you need to hire professional e-commerce store management and development services. It might take a few days, but the end results can be promising.

They can even design a personalized theme for your store. This can make your brand stand out in the industry.

Financial plan

Do you have limited funds? Or are you willing to spend $2000- $4000 to build your website?

If you’re just starting out and have a limited budget, free themes will be suitable for your store. You can get good themes within $100 to $200.

It’ll get your business up and running with minimal investment.

But if you have you’ve the funds, it’s always a wise choice to invest in a premium theme and make customizations to incorporate exclusive features. Custom theme design and development can cost you approximately $2,000–$20,000+. The process can vary depending on the design complexity and required functionalities.

Apart from theme design you also need to factor in various other expenses. These include:

  • Domain registration (costs $10–$30 annually)
  • Website hosting ($5–$250 monthly)
  • SSL certificate
  • Payment gateway fees
  • Digital marketing and advertising
  • Website maintenance and support

Size of Catalog

Do you have intentions of selling just a few items on your website? Do you have a wide variety of products?

Themes that are free enable you to upload a limited catalog. However, it may not function effectively with an extensive inventory.

In that situation, premium themes can assist you in showcasing your products in an attractive manner. You can even hire e-commerce store management to develop themes and extensions.

Wrapping up

First, impression is crucial. You can create an impressive first impression by customizing your Shopify store design to your preferences.

In short, before choosing and customizing your Shopify store, take into account various factors. These include:

  • your brand identity
  • functionality needs
  • responsiveness
  • ease of use.

If setting up an online store sounds complicated, you can hire Shopify experts to help you.

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