Should iPhone 10 Users Buy iPhone 11?

Ever since the launch of the brand new iPhone 11 last September, the gadget has found its way into headlines. The main question that has been on the mind of most iPhone users is that whether they should up their game by switching their iPhone 10 (also referred to as the iPhone X) to the newly launched 11th generation of the iPhone or not.

Since this new model has also been priced quite high as compared to the previous model (the price of which has faced a steep drop after the event of the launch), it is very important to carefully weigh out both the pros and the cons of the models. This article will help you with a brief comparison of the features of the iPhone 10 and 11 so that you can make a proper and informed decision about whether you should get the new iPhone 11 in exchange for your older one.

iphone 10 vs iphone 11

Design and Display

The iPhone 11 comes with a 5.8 inch super retina XDR display- the latter being a feature exclusive to this model in the phones by Apple. This indicates that this model will come equipped with a better and brighter display when compared to the iPhone 10. While the iPhone 10 has a 625 nits brightness, these new models boast of an 800 nits brightness- which is quite an improvement in that department.

Another significant improvement is that the iPhone 11 comes with the unique feature of a three-dimensional touch display, which means that in this phone, you could carry out functions just by long pressing on the different icons on the screen instead of applying pressure on them. Along with it, the iPhone 11 also has the haptic touch feature which was also a part of the previous model.

iphone 11 display

Coming to design, the new and upgraded design has grabbed the attention of most iPhone lovers out there. One of the most eye-catching changes for the iPhone 11 is the updated color palette that is being offered by the company for this model. Other than the previously offered shaded of silver, gold, and space grey, the new model also promises of handsets in the shade ‘midnight green’- which looks quite unique and promising! Another new feature is that while you all might be quite used to the regular glossy finish that the usual iPhones come with, Apple has gone out of their way this time with the iPhone 11 to add a stainless steel design with a textured matte finish, so that the end product of the handsets sport a matte finish unlike the previous models.

The new iOS 13

The iPhone 11 is powered by the iOS 13. This operating system offers features such as the dark mode, new and improved privacy features, new Maps experience, and a new Apple sign-in feature as well. The older devices are also in line for a free upgrade to this operating system in due course. All iPhone 11 pro users will also get access to spatial audio features, which are being powered by Dolby Atmos. It enhances the audio experiences by a great extent. Additionally, while the iPhone X housed an A12 bionic chipset in its CPU, the new set of models come with an improved A13 Bionic chipset for better and faster operations overall. It promises 20% better operation than the old model, which allowed up to 1 trillion operations per second- which seems almost like a dream come true for all the multi-taskers out there!

ios 13

Battery Life

Apple has marketed the new iPhone 11 to be the best iPhone out there in terms of the battery life promised. By increasing the battery life significantly, Apple has now ensured that this model offers a battery life which is at least four hours more to that of the iPhone XS. Another major difference in this model is the addition of a fast charger.

By doing this, Apple is putting itself at par with other leading smartphone brands such as Samsung and One Plus- brands that have introduced fast or turbochargers years back. In the box, along with the handset, Apple is providing its first-ever 18W USB type C fast charger, which is a blessing, especially when coupled with the prolonged battery life. Now, users can easily drop their woes about iPhone’s battery life and can last up to two days with a single charge for light to moderate usage.

iPhone 11 Battery

Camera and Lenses

You might have already noticed this as Apple has taken great care to market the new camera and lenses they have added to the iPhone 11- it has three cameras, which can be clearly seen from the exterior design of the handset, as opposed to the dual-camera setup of the iPhone X and its variants. The iPhone 11 has a pro 12 MP wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, and telephoto lens- all of which are situated at the back of the smartphone.

Adding to this, the front camera has also seen some very promising changes. It is now equipped with a 12 MP True Depth lens (as opposed to the 7 MP camera in the iPhone X). Other new features in the camera department of the iPhone 11 include an audio zoom feature, a Quick Take video option, an added wider sensor for the Night Mode for capture, and enhanced noise reduction in low light images. All of these set it quite apart from the iPhone X, which also boasts of an incredible camera and lenses.

iphone 11 variants


It suffices to say that iPhone 11 is a great choice for someone who is looking to buy a new Apple device, and it is definitely a better buy over the iPhone X in almost every department. However, if you are already using an iPhone X, the price difference might feel to be a bit high for you if you want to switch phones after the new launch. Nevertheless, upgrading to the iPhone 11 is a trustworthy and convenient decision that is bound to pay off in the longer run.

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