Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS: Which Phone is Real Flagship Killer?

From the first time the idea of portable communication was conceived, to the time when the first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by Motorola in 1973, till today, mobile phones and now smartphones have always intrigued people. What was once considered a luxury product became a necessity and now. Almost every family member is the owner of a mobile phone, be it feature phone or smartphone. But, does this mean that you are compromising on style or that the phones have lost their status as luxury phones? No. While budget friendly phones are taking the world by storm with a brand new model being launched almost every month, the flagship phones too have their own space and fan base.

Flagship phones are what you call the core products of that company, in this case, mobile phone manufacturers, and these phones will have all the high-end features, looks and style and a price tag to match. Currently, the leaders in the world of smartphones are Samsung and Apple’s iPhone.  The Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched on the 8th of March 2019 and while there were many speculations about this phone even before the official release, Samsung has managed, yet again, to deliver. The iPhone XS was launched last year on the 28th of September and the response it received were immense, after all, for years iPhone is synonymous with status.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS

So, when the top competitors release their most ambitious project yet, how do you know which one to buy? Here is a feature wise comparison of both these phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 or Apple iPhone XS?

While the S series of the Samsung Galaxy phones have three variants – the S10, S10e, and the S10+ – and the iPhone XS comes in two variants – XS and XS Max – we will be comparing the Galaxy S10 and the iPhone XS. In this comparison, the phones will be pitted against each other in the 10 most important categories that matter to you –


The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a screen size of 6.1 inches with 1440×3040 pixel resolutions and 551 PPI. This Quad HD+ infinity dynamic AMOLED display gives you a cinematic experience. The front camera is housed in a hole punch display which goes away with the notch feature. Another feature on the screen is the fingerprint sensor. Samsung has gone ahead with the ultrasonic sensor that works on detecting sound waves rather than relying solely on optical waves.

Coming to the iPhone XS, the phone has a screen size of 5.8 inches with a resolution of 1125×2436 pixels and 463 PPI.  iPhone has kept the notch design that houses and hides the front camera but has done away with the fingerprint sensor. The front facing camera acts as your face unlock security provider and it is yet the fasted unlock ever. The OLED display works wonders on the images and videos you are viewing.

xs-vs-s10 Display


One of the main reasons a person opts for flagships when they have the option is the looks, the feel and the overall design of the phone. Talking about S10 first, the dimensions of the phone are 149.9mm X 70.4 mm X 7.8 mm with a weight of just 157 grams. You can choose between the Prism White, Black, Green or Blue. The glossy finish of the back makes this phone a showstopper. Samsung also made sure that your underwater moments can be captured too with the phone being water resistant and dust proof.

The iPhone XS is similar to the S10 with dimensions of 143.6 mm X 70.9 mm X 7.7 mm and is slightly heavier at 177 grams. Water resistant and dust proof phone that is well fitted to the grip, you can choose between Gold, Silver or Space Grey with the trademark Apple shine and elegance.  While the iPhone has just done away with the headphone jack, you can still listen to music the old way with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

sleek design


One of the main aspects of the phone is its performance as you do not want the phone to lag or die when you are amidst something important. The iPhone XS bionic A12 chipset and the Neural Engine gives you a real-time feel with enhanced display and sound. With six cores, two for GPU and 4 for CPU, you are not looking for speed or productivity. The Exynos octa-core Samsung S10 renders a seamless task when it comes to multitasking and switching back and forth between apps.


The battery life too plays an important part in your decision. While both the phones have non–removal lithium-ion battery, the Galaxy S10 houses a 3400 mAh battery whereas the iPhone XS comes with 2658 mAh battery. Even though the battery life of XS seems smaller, it actually packs more juice thanks to dedicated processors and the A12 that manages the battery performance beautifully.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Battery


The operating system choice varies. While the iOS does bring a lot of security along with its devices, the android is more customizable and easily operated. The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with the latest Android Pie (v 9.0) and the iPhone XS comes loaded with the iOS12. In terms of functioning, both these OS provides the users with a clean UI and essential functionality. Both these phones pack lightning fast charging and wireless charging.


The iPhone XS has 4 GB ROM and 512 GB RAM without the option of expandable memory, but the two dual-core processor makes more room for more photos while the Galaxy S10 comes packed with 8 GB ROM, 126 GB RAM and the expandable memory slot of 512 GB.


The highlight of the day, camera performance. iPhones are undoubtedly the master in this segment but the Samsung S10 does give it a solid competition. The iPhone has dual 12 MP + 12 MP rear camera with true depth sensing, adjustable bokeh and smart HDR technology, the A12, and the Neural Engine does give you a more AI feel. The front 7 MP camera gives you beautiful selfies and has a portrait mode that lets you be in focus.

Coming to the Galaxy S10, you are spoilt with a triple camera set up at the rear with 12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP that provides you with depth sensing, zoom feature that does not pixelate and works wonders in low light. The 10 MP front camera too delivers you with wide angles and amazing low light selfies.

iphone x vs samsung galaxy s10 camera

Connectivity & Network

Both support dual sim, but the iPhone XS took it a step further with eSIM which is built in and cannot be removed. In both phones, you get VoLTE feature. The super-fast Wi-Fi connection, hotspots, Bluetooth and GPS are similar.


while the world is slowly moving on to wireless audio outputs, the iPhone XS has already set the trend even before it was all in. but, what the Android provides is FM which is done away with in iPhones.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is priced at Rs. 66,900/- and the iPhone XS is priced at Rs. 94,990/- and considering the features they are bringing in tablet, the prices seem appropriate.

As you can see, both Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS show extreme potential and they do cater to specific requirements too. While the iPhone clearly outshine almost all smartphones in terms of camera, if you want a faster and more immersive viewing, Galaxy S10 is the one for you. At the end of the day, choose the phone that caters to all your needs, be it look wise, performance wise or battery wise.

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