Design Tips for the Ultimate Social Media Ad for Your Business

Now more than ever is it important for a business to have a social media presence. In fact, much of a company’s business will come from reaching out to current and potential customers through Facebook and Instagram ads. Why? Because social media has never been more popular than it is today.

Social media is a platform that never stops growing. Billions of users send out tweets, update their Facebook status, post their latest photo on Instagram, or upload a video of their dog. It’s also an excellent way for a business to gain a valuable following and promote their product or service.

It’s time for your business to start making social media ads. You have access to many online software, one like Crello is a free design tool that makes creating an ad simple.  Mix that in with our following design tips and you’ll create an eye-catching ad that will draw in more business.

Use an Eye-Grabbing Photo

With an ad, it is the photo that grabs the attention of the user. When someone is scrolling through their feed and barely paying attention, you need something that will stand out and make them scroll back up. Plain text won’t do that, but a photo will.

Use a photo that not only grabs people’s attention, but it also stays true to your brand. You don’t want to deceive the user, or they won’t get a good first impression. Use something that summarizes what you’re trying to sell.

The Power of Text

Once you grab that user’s attention, you need to keep it. The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, it is the added text that will reveal the message. It’s all on how you use the text though.

Short, simple messages that are straight to the point will keep the user’s attention. If your ad requires them to spend a lot of time reading, chances are they will continue to scroll past it.

Make it Relatable

When people can picture themselves through the ad, you have a better chance of not just grabbing the user’s attention, but also keeping them interested in your product or service. That is why using photos with people in them have a better chance of being successful.

Tweak the Photo

No one says you need to use a professional photoshop software for your social media ad. However, tweaking the photo a bit and using a filter will do wonders for your ad. If you’re trying to get a certain point across, increasing or reducing the brightness of the photo, or changing it to black and white could be what you need.

Don’t forget to add your logo to your ad. Your logo is what people remember. Think of all the famous companies around the world. When you see their logo, even without any text, you know exactly who it is. Adding your logo will help users recognize it and link it to your company.

Use these tips when creating a social media ad to help you out. Spend some time experimenting and being creative with your ad. Remember, less is usually more.

Richard Brock is an experienced writer who has contributed to many mainstream websites with his quality articles in consumer technology. Though he is new here, his articles are already helping tons of our daily readers to live their life better.