Lai Chan Fashion – Tailor-Made Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya in Malaysia

Malaysia is magical and certainly among the best countries in the world that are known for its nature, modern technology and fashion. Malaysia fashion such as Lai Chan Fashion is now considered a trendsetter and has a huge cultural influence around the globe.

Malaysia has had a great change in the last couple of years, its people are now the pioneers of technology, science, medicine, entertainment, and fashion industry. The change of viewpoint of Malaysian people due to the skyrocketing of the country is what led them to go out of their comfort zones and inspired them to dabble with different fashion, styles, and trends. Today, the fashion of the country is a beautiful combination of traditional outfits and modern views on older styles.

Lai Chan Fashion

The country has over 20 million population, it’s not the most populated country worldwide, however, with its steadily increasing fashion trend and technology that the country has earned its recognition. Malaysia has created a huge number of designers who have flaunted the world what they are capable of. With the growing number of supermalls and markets on all corners of the country, they are a thriving place as regards to fashion. Major brands like Lai Chan Fashion have established their presence with their flair for tailoring Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya as well as altering and repairing. Most of the population are youth people ages 25-35, so it’s easier to recognize the influence of modern technology and fashion. Professional designers have a new, faster and modern way of showcasing their creations and designs without having to build an expensive webpage.

The culture of Malaysia is very rich in history, practice and the people are strongly proud of this. So, one of the ways that they show a connection to their cultures is through their clothing. Lai Chan Fashion has its own unique identity just like the country itself. Traditional costume is an essential part of Malaysian society especially during the different societal and cultural events. At such events, Malay Men are often seen wearing a Baju Melayu, a traditional dress consisting of a loose shirt with a pair of long trousers. The sarung which is a type of scarf is wrapped around the waist and left hanging half-way down over the trousers to complete the look. The head of Malay men is covered with a black colored fez-like cap, which is called a ‘Songkok’.

Lai Chan Fashion has mastered designing and creating one of the most beautiful features of Malaysian fashion which are the traditional dresses worn by Malay women. Many of them are wearing the traditional Baju Kurung which is made of a sarung and loose-fitting blouse. At present, Baju Kurung has been substituted with ‘Baju Kebaya’, a more tight-fitting blouse. ‘Kebarung’ is a very pretty and lively dress that perfectly symbolizes the Malaysian Fashion. Still, Lai Chan Fashion is still tailoring both Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya.

Over the years, the influx and influence of Western culture have also motivated the business. The fashion company accommodates people who want to wear traditional Malay clothing for important occasions. They always make sure that every dress they make embodies sophistication and class, so you don’t have to worry about your look and charisma when meeting new people.  

What makes the business more interesting is that they are also accepting repair and altering. They are situated at Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak and have been making, changing and repairing men and women’s clothing for 30 years. So, they have mastered each client’s needs. Most of the Malaysian youth can be seen wearing jeans, long tops and blouses, and leather boots. Today, ladies’ clothing has more intricate designs and materials to pick from that it’s now more unique for everybody. Each person has different fashion tastes and liking, which makes it more difficult to always follow the same fit. Also, the types of stitching can make an impact on the design and hence, you will recognize the different stitches the fashion company is using.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a tailor-made Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya, visit Lai Chan Fashion. They attentively listen to what a client needs and pay attention to the specifications so they can deliver the best to everyone.

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