The Top Apps Used by Australians

According to Eugene Du Plessis, Sensor Tower regional director, Australia is one of the top ten largest markets for mobile apps by revenue worldwide. The country’s mobile economy continues to grow, as more and more Australians turn to different apps to make certain aspects of their lives more convenient or enjoyable. Below, we review the top apps and app categories used by Australians in 2022.

1. Gambling Apps

Although physical bookmakers still exist, the number of Australians using gambling apps for their gaming and betting needs has significantly skyrocketed in previous years. Mobile gambling has proven to be a more convenient and accessible way to get and play top casino games like poker and roulette.

And because Australia is home to many gambling avenues – Keno, TAB, pokies, soccer, horse racing, tennis, etc. – it is only natural that Australians are flocking to betting apps. For pokies lovers, gambling apps with high payout percentages offer the best odds of winning. This guide on top paying online casino Australia should lead you to the best slot sites and highest pokies payouts in Australia.

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2. TikTok

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, including in Australia. The app, through which users can pass and view short videos and trends, has been showing a steady upward trend for the past few years. According to tech experts, its ability to move with the trends makes TikTok one of the most viable applications in today’s market.

3. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is still widely the go-to app for Australians looking to make video calls, voice calls, or send messages across the globe. However, recent privacy issues have been pushing Australians toward alternatives like Viber, Telegram, and Signal.

4. YouTube

Australians use YouTube to watch videos covering a wide range of topics, including music, documentaries, movie trailers, parodies, and more. The app has grown more popular in the country recently with the addition of associated applications like YouTube Kids and The YouTube Music app.

5. Netflix

Although it has been facing stiff competition from emerging streaming services, Netflix remains a popular source of movies, series, shows, and documentaries in Australia. The app makes the platform more accessible because it allows users to watch their favorite titles even when traveling, commuting, or otherwise away from home.

6. Zoom

Zoom usage increased significantly in recent years as the app provided a convenient way for people to communicate with friends and for work without leaving the house. Today, Australians still find it very useful for video meetings and chats.

7. Australia Post

This app allows Australians to manage and track parcel deliveries and pay bills through their phones. It can also be used to locate street posting boxes and Australian Post offices.


The app market grows every day, even as top consumers like Australia change their needs. While apps like Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, and YouTube have always been popular in the country, others like the betting sites we discussed have only come to the limelight in recent years.

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