All The Things You Must Pack Before Going On A Horse Safari

When you are packing for your horse safari, it can be confusing as you will want to take so many things. While a horse safari is a trip of a lifetime, you should ensure that you take selective essentials so that you have a comfortable safari with all the things that you need.

Here are a few things that we were able to pick while browsing through African Horse Safaris that you should pack without fail:

Riding Helmet

Take along a lightweight riding helmet, one that is breathable. You will be grateful for it when the afternoon sun is beating down at you. Such a helmet will allow you to stay cool and also offer you protection should you fall off the horse. Remember, your medical insurance will be invalid if you go on a horse safari without a riding helmet.

Riding Boots

Besides protecting your feet while you are on the saddle, riding boots also protect your legs from thorny bushes and growths that you will encounter on your safari. The risk of snakes is high during any safari, and horse safari is no different. A pair of good riding boots will offer you all the protection you require during your adventure trip.

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves sure look cool, but make sure you break them in before your safari. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable wearing them. Check the material carefully as it should be able to wick away moisture so that your palms are sweat-free. Gloves will protect your hands from chafing as you hold on to the reins.

Broad-brimmed Hat

You need a hat to protect your face, head, and neck from the scorching sun. That is why instead of a baseball hat, pack a broad-brimmed hat in your luggage to keep you safe while you are riding your horse on the trip.


Even if you are not one to wear sunglasses, make it a point to invest in a good pair before flying out for your trip. The sunglasses will protect your eyes from the glare and dust and ensure you have a clear vision so that you can spy the wildlife with ease. Also, don’t forget that the destinations where horse safaris are conducted have strong sun and hence, you risk exposure to harmful UV rays.


A horse safari is incomplete if you do not have the ultimate riding wear – a pair of jodhpurs. Jeans and trousers are not designed for horseback riding and will chafe your inner thigh and groin region. Jodhpurs, on the other hand, are meant for horseback riding, so that you don’t have any problems or discomfort while going on a horse safari.

Fleece Jacket

When you are out in the great outdoors, away from the city lights and pollution, it may come as a surprise how chilly early mornings and evenings can get. Carry a light fleece jacket so that you can wear it and stay snug when the mercury dips. After all, the best time to spot wildlife is early morning and evenings when the animals visit waterholes. The last thing you need is to freeze and be unable to enjoy this unique spectacle.

Cotton Clothing

For a horse safari, you will go to a hot destination in Africa. So, it makes sense to carry cotton clothing that is lightweight and cool. Cotton absorbs perspiration and allows the skin to breathe. Just make sure you are carrying neutral and pastel shades so that your clothes do not absorb heat. Furthermore, bright colors tend to scare away wildlife and hence, will prove to be a disaster.

Cotton Undergarments

During a horse safari, you will be spending a lot of time on a saddle. So, make sure you bring along comfortable underwear that does not chafe or make you writhe with discomfort in the saddle. Cotton underwear is best as it will absorb moisture and keep your skin cool.

Mosquito Protection

Remember to consume your malaria pills a month before you depart for your horse safari trip. Carry the pills along with you so that you can take them without fail for the duration of your stay. Besides, bring along a mosquito spray to repel these bloodsuckers. You may also want to bring along a general bug repellant.

These are some of the things that you should not forget to pack when you for a horse safari. What do you think are the other essentials that you should take on the trip?

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