Three Ways to Make Your Sports Betting Thrive in 2020

We have an exceptionally busy summer of sport on the horizon. With sport comes sports betting and many punters will be gearing up to place their bets in the hope of winning some money.

Of course, that is much easier said than done. Picking winners is just half of the battle. The other half involves being an astute punter who stakes in the right way, places the right type of bets and gets the best odds every time.

It is this kind of gambler that succeeds, and this hard work that sets apart successful punters from those who don’t win.

Want to know what you need to focus on this year? Here are three ways in which you can make your sports betting thrive in 2020.

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Create a Staking Plan

This is the most important part of gambling, and it all revolves around discipline.

Having a staking plan is imperative for long-term profit, without one you will not be half as successful as you could be. This is a type of money management, designed for those betting with a long-term strategy in mind.

Stakes should always be worked out on points, with each point having a monetary value. The most common staking plan is 1-3 points.

In this instance, if one point equals £5 then you would place £5 on a 1pt bet, £10 on a 2pt bet and £15 on a 3pt bet. You rate your bets based on their chances and how strongly you fancy them to win.

This should mean, if you get it right, smaller stakes on those with smaller chances and bigger stakes on those you really like the look of.

Winning streaks, losing streaks and anything else shouldn’t matter to you. A 1pt bet should always have the same value throughout the year and should always be relative when compared to 2pt and 3pt bets.

Take Advantage of the Best Odds Every Time

When you place a bet and don’t take the best odds, if that bet wins then you are leaving profit behind on the table.

Finding bookmakers with the best odds doesn’t take too much time, and is certainly worth the effort over the course of a year.

Many punters see the small margins in prices when they place single bets and don’t think it is worth the effort to find slightly better odds.

However, betting is a long-term strategy, and everything you do should be focused on the long-term. Over the course of many bets and many months, those small differences will all add up to a much larger sum.

This is all profit you are throwing away just by not shopping around, and could be the difference between being in profit or making a loss over time.

Carefully Choose Your Bet Types

One thing that punters are blessed with is the number of different bet types we can use when wagering. From singles to accumulators and a whole host of multiple bets.

There is no right or wrong bet type to use, but the same one will not cover every bet you place.

This is where punters need to be flexible with how they bet and know which to use for each occasion.

For example, long-term bigger odds bets on football tournaments such as the Euro 2020 Championships should be singles.

However, when we reach the tournament and you are betting on individual games, multiple bets may be needed to give yourself the best combination of potential profit and risk.

Each situation requires something different, and many of the positions you are in will be unique to you. Try and keep a record of your bets if you can, then you have historical data to help you work out which bet type is the right one each time you bet.

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