Top 10 Best Customer Relations Software for Big Companies

Customer support is essential for every company because the business totally relies on them. It will ensure the portrayal of a positive image to the customers. It will also assure them that the company cares about the well being of their clients and are interested in their satisfaction. So, for every big company, having a customer relation software is important to provide a better customer experience. If you have several branches and hundreds of employees working inside your company or you have a lot of vendors, dealers and suppliers then also CRM software make the communication seamless.

Given that the importance of CRM software in a firm, here, we are providing the list of Top 10 Best CRM Software. All of these customer relation software have very big userbase & reasonable pricing. However, they are differentiated in features, user-interface, integration, etc. So, it is recommended to go through this list of best customer relation software and only then make a decision about which CRM software should you purchase for your company!

Customer Relation in Business

1. Fresh desk

This is the best option available in the market presently. It is available for free to help aid small companies or individual users and offers flexible pricing for others. As an added bonus, they provide a free trial period. This will help gauge the requirements for the software and wisely decide the option. This is why a fresh desk is the best option available.

The products they offer include support inboxes that are accessible for the entire team, mechanism for ticketing, social support for customers, portals for information, and community forums. The company also has provision for tracking ticket time so that you can ensure the smooth running of operations. This software also gives target oriented assignments like incentives for completion of a ticket on time. This keeps employees invested and interested. Thus both the employee and customer are satisfied. You can run this app on android, windows and iOS phones.

Fresh desk

2. Salesforce essentials

This comes as a close second to Fresh desk because of its great help desk platform and interface that is highly configurable. It is a melting pot for CRM, customer support and small business sales. It consists of a console for multiple channels, reviews from customers and pipeline tracking. Client interactions are improved drastically because of this software. Ticket queuing, auto assignments and management of tasks are also some features.

You can use this platform on all mobile devices which include tablets, laptops and smartphones. You are endowed with a self-service option where customers can view FAQs and get other answers without actually interacting with agents. Forums can also be created where customers can share their grievances and satisfaction with each other. This all comes in an attractive and affordable price range for up to ten users per profile.

Salesforce essentials

3. Zoho Desk

One of the top reasons why companies are drawn towards Zoho is its user-friendly interface which does not require the customer to follow through elaborate hurdles to get assistance for their queries. This same thing helps the employees trace major problems for customers and make the interface much more adaptable. You can get a free trial to understand the working and the necessities for your company and then move on to paid features.

Zoho Desk

4. Zendesk

The Company that houses the likes of Box, Groupon, Rovio and Disney have been a steady performer in the industry. It has diverse companies vouching for its productivity in the market. A free trial is available and you can check all their features during this period before you make a commitment. Agents ranging from numbers five to five hundred can operate the software simultaneously. It also consists of a self-service option where customers can exchange information along with all other basic components. This can be used on all platforms.


5. LiveAgent

It is an award-winning platform that accumulates multiple channels for communication. All average options are available like live chat, contact forms support for emails and live chat. POP3 accounts and intuitive statuses make it unique in the whole market. A free trial is available to understand the functions. Its easy interface is a great advantage along with the opportunity for agents to get knowledge that can help solve almost every problem.


6. Samanage

Professionalism is the key to this company. It has won several awards on that front for the inimitable experience for the users. All software ecosystems can support the software. It can operate smoothly for the retrieval and solving of tickets for customers. It gives impeccable data support and manages to resolve all complications. A great free trial is always available.

Samanage CRM Software

7. Freshservice

A pioneer in cloud customer support, it provides service for business of all sizes. It is very easy to operate and has loads of features. Discovery of assets, ticket support system rich in features and CMDB. Release management, incident management, vendor management and problem management gain importance in this company.

Freshservice CRM Software


This Company has a comparatively minimalistic approach toward customer service, unlike its peers. Agents can receive complaints and queries through phone calls and email. You can also get your questions answered on various topics from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well. CRM Software

9. Dimela Digital

Agents can provide top service to the customers because of the digital channels provided by Dimela Digital. It brings certain decorum to the service no matter which digital channel brings in the problems. There is a built-in CRM that client interactions so that you can help give accurate and consistent customer service. A single click can inform the user about various aspects and also their interactions with your company across all channels in the past. Dimelo Digital provides a solitary workspace. A queue management tool is also given so that the agents can filter the important messages that need to be catered on priority.

Dimela Digital CRM Software

10. ServiceGuru

Customer feedback is easily collected along with management of reviews that discards old fashioned pen and paper-based question sheets and forms. An area with a large footfall is selected and an office is deployed to collect information from customers and calculate the overall performance of the employees. Moreover, your customers can select their required subscription from within the platform. A consistent experience is provided to all the customers and digital forms are kept confidential and offline. This will help steer out the negative reviews and resolve them in private to keep the company’s image clean.


Thus, these are the top 10 best CRM software used by major companies to implement a smooth communication system with customers, employees, vendors, partners, dealers etc. Now that you have all the important details about each customer relation software, go ahead with making a decision about which CRM software should you purchase for your company.

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