Top 10 Best Places to Live in Florida

The gorgeous sandy shores of the ‘Sunshine State’ welcomes new residents every year. It is the fastest-growing populous in the US and for good reasons. The gorgeous beaches, lack of income tax and superb sunny weather are only a few reasons why one would want to call Florida home. When you are relocating, you will find that there is no scarcity of choices.

There are over 20 major metropolitan areas in Florida which include the business hub in Jacksonville and the cultural hub in Tallahassee, not to mention the ten coastal districts to choose from. The low cost of living and the prospects of a healthy life makes Florida the most desirable destination for relocation in the USA. If you’re too picky on your choices then here, we are stripping down the top 10 most favorite places to live in Florida, USA.

Florida City Life USA

1. Naples

Life in Naples is the ideal life in the US. This city has the highest concentration of millionaires according to the American Per Capita. The crime rate in the city is lower than ever and the sun is shining throughout the year. There is no shortage of job opportunities in Naples. Naples has a growing population of 20,000 residents which gives it the small-town vibes if you are looking to spend a relaxing retirement there. If you are a family person then you can expect a high standard or schooling and healthcare, here in Naples.

Naples Florida

2. Palm Beach

The fantastic lifestyle, high quality of living and low crime rates makes Palm Beach a most desirable local for your family and you. If you are looking to live a happening life amongst a lot of people. With a population of 100 thousand you can expect that Palm Beaches will keep you busy with a lot of public events all year round. If you are concerned about your child’s wellbeing, Palm Beach offers a wide range of superb schools for you to choose from.

Palm Beach Florida

3. Tampa

Located along the west coast of the Gulf Mexico, Tampa has a consistently growing population all year round given the availability of remarkable schooling, excellent provisions for health care as well as over a 1000 flourishing corporates in the city. The vibrant population in Downtown Tampa has resulted in the development of young professional individuals moving in. The entertainment scene in Tampa includes professional sports, night clubs and parties, and amazing restaurants which makes life even better for the residents. There is no lack of things to do in Tampa, from visiting a museum to riding a bike around the natural parks, you can always find a way to keep occupied.

Tampa Florida

4. Tallahassee

If you are looking for a town to settle which offers a little of everything, then the Tallahassee is your destination depot. You can indulge a casual stroll through the woods or even enjoy a football game during the weekends. The southern town of Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida and is also home to the renowned Florida State University. Culture and college events dominate the scene of this state town and liberal state of mind in the city also makes it a breeding ground for Politics.

Tallahassee Florida

5. Port St. Lucie

Traveling to the east coast of Florida would land you in Port St Lucie, a city with a populous of over 190 thousand. From among the 125 metropolitan areas best suited to live in Florida, Port St. Lucie landed in at 14th best according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index. The city offers some of the best ranked County Public Schools available in Florida. The city harbours companies which are highly specialized in research and innovation, creating higher job requirements in the city. The PGA Village golf complex is one of the best you can come by. Given the high standard of living, the cost of living here might be slightly restrictive.

Port St. Lucie Florida USA

6. Jacksonville

The borderline city of Florida with Georgia, Jacksonville is located along the Atlantic Coast and is ranked 14th in the list of 125 metropolitans of the US, according to population. It has over 500 neighborhoods which include a versatile downtown. The city is best known for the largest urban park system in America which also harbors a fantastic art scene. The students graduating from Jacksonville high schools are known for their industrial readiness. The dominating industries of Jacksonville include tourism, banking and logistics, and healthcare.

Jacksonville Florida

7. Orlando

Home to the word’s most desired theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is known to be the “theme park capital of the world”. Located at the centre of Florida, this city attracts over 50 million visitors all year round. Despite the fact that Orlando is not located on any coast, the city thrives over its warm weather and amazing sites. There are around 115 different neighborhoods in the city, there are excellent schools and high tech companies with the large availability of jobs. Infrastructure wise the metro area of Orlando has had a growth of 9% in the past years.

Orlando Florida

8. Fort Myers

The second-fastest-growing metro area in the US, Fort Myers is an attractive destination for most retirees. The city is growing at superbly fast rate given the flourishing of jobs. It also camps the spring baseball training of two pro league teams. It boasts of the fast-growing business community while also having a highly affordable median income.

Fort Myers Florida USA

9. Miami Beach

The city which is famous for its parties is equally known for its lifestyle. Miami Beach has a population of over 90 thousand and is a popular destination for both tourists and settlers alike. The fabulous beaches, amazing art décor, and fantastic restaurants make for a lavish lifestyle. There are 20 different neighbourhoods that supplement a diverse group of settlers in the city.

Miami Beach Florida USA

10. St. Petersburg

Home to the Dali Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, St.Petersburg is not far behind from Miami’s art scene. It has highly magnetic nightlife and the low cost of living makes it an ideal choice for retirees as well. There are multiple nightlife options in the city along with it being an art lover’s paradise.

saint petersburg

These were the top 10 best places to live in Florida, USA depending on your choice of living. Whether you are looking for a place to party or place to spend your retired years relaxing, Florida has a choice for everyone.

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