Top 5 Agents in Valorant

Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most popular first-person shooter games online, and its player base is constantly growing. Every agent in the game has a unique set of powers, and new agents are added to the game every few months or so. It may be difficult for new players to select an agent in the game immediately. So, here’s the list of 5 Best Valorant agents to equip in November 2022.

Players can outperform their opponents on the battlefield using these Agent talents or abilities. Some abilities are intended to win battles, while others are designed to hinder an opponent’s vision. Whether you’re playing alone or with a team, this list of the top 5 Valorant agents will assist you in choosing the best agent.

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Top 5 Agents in Valorant

Here is our list of the top agents in Valorant. This list will likely alter as Riot often changes the game, buffs certain agents while nerfing the other ones at the same time. Be that as it may, it is important to know which agents are currently meta. It will make easier for you to choose which agents to play, and which teams to place your Valorant bets on.


Brimstone is a versatile agent since it has relatively simple abilities to acquire and perform. Brimstone can throw an incendiary grenade around the battlefield only to make opponents can or should leave due to the possibility of deploying a field where the fire is formed that will naturally inflict enough damage.

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Brimstone in Valorant allows us to take out a small map and choose where we want the enemies to fall. There is an ability that will enable us to use a bomb to delay deactivation so that our team can gain some extra seconds to prepare much better for their defensive attack.

Brimstone is one of the five best agents we can get, and one of his abilities is to aim in a reasonably close radius to generate damage. He can also create smoke screens, which are fantastic because they obscure the vision and allow us to protect our companions, mislead the opponents and fix some grenades.

Valorant allows for an easy death. It is nothing more than a necessary tool to get enemies to want to be here, which is a mistake for them but an advantage for us.


If there’s a wall, this guy is all over it. He can launch flashbangs that attach to them and earthquakes that shake foes on the opposite side. While several of his abilities take a long time to activate, they help strike and counterattack if you’re on the defensive.

Because many of Breach’s abilities occur invisibly, they are challenging to counteract if you are on the receiving end. And if you’ve been hit by one of those, you’re badly disabled as well.

The only drawback of Breach is a lack of map knowledge and coordination with your squad. His skills make great use of the environment, so you’ll get the most out of them through anticipation, detailed knowledge of each map, and team information.


Chamber is a Sentinel who can be used as a Duelist during the pistol rounds. Chamber possesses the Headhunter ability, which grants him a Sheriff-style gun. Chamber is the only character in the game who can purchase half shields and a powerful weapon in the first round.

Chamber can teleport using Rendevous with the flick of his fingers. His trap also protects him and his troops against a flank attack. Chamber’s ultimate ability grants him the ability to summon a super-powered Operator. Chamber isn’t the best Sentinel in the game, but he’s the only one capable of outperforming a Duelist.


Cypher is ranked among the top five best agents in Valorant because he is a master of intelligence, allowing him to gather information from enemies. Because he plays an excellent role in defense and support, he can provide some advantages for the team at all times, including blocking some bombsites, traps, and any complex device.

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In a counterattack, it is one of the possibilities we have with this agent in Valorant because it can extract information from an enemy’s body, revealing the locations where the living foes may be.

Cypher has the power to lay traps on walls so that foes become trapped in them and the capacity to place traps in very remote locations that allow us to activate them from afar.


Fade is a recent addition to Valorant that is preferred by the majority of gamers. Because of her Radiant abilities, she and her friends have a decisive tactical advantage over their opponents. Reyna and Viper are two agents who would complement each other nicely in a squad. Fade may blind and deafen her allies with abilities like Prowler and Seize, giving her complete power over them.

This list of the top 5 Best Valorant agents is based on various factors, including the agents’ popularity in both competitive and casual play, compatibility with top-tier options, and Riot Games’ most recent balancing changes.


So, you can now select your best agent to assist you in defeating your opponents in the match. All of them are Valorant’s top five finest agents for 2022. After selecting your agent, you will undoubtedly require to practice. Practice is the only method to achieve success in every field of life, including sports. So, pick your most terrific agent in Valorant and start winning immediately!

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