Top 5 Postal Tracking Sites

Are you a frequent online purchaser who often faces issues tracking your parcel? Or are you a small business looking to send your products safely? National posts like china post and international posts like Amazon can efficiently help you with the delivery part. However, you want to use an efficient postal tracking site to help you keep track of all your shipments on their way so that they reach your customers on time.

To help you with this, here is a list of the top 5 postal tracking sites that will help you keep a look at your parcel. Right from the factory to the customer’s doorstep!


1. Click Post

Click Post is an internationally recognized shipment tracking site, a multi-carrier platform that focuses on customer satisfaction. It provides a wide range of services, including harmonized tracking, customer services and exceptional product management.

The company specializes in developing systematic routines for easier tracking, freeing businesses from fretting over individual orders, handling customer queries and liberating small businesses from any kinds of parcel losses. They also provide instant delivery statuses, regardless of the quantity of the order. They are integrated with well-known carriers like Shopify and Magento, and their innovative API lets organizations do multiple things like generating waybills and push orders for pick up with a single click.

2. Shippo Shipping tracking software

It provides management software to businesses and e-commerce companies so they can smoothen out their shipping process. Shippo is primarily based in San Francisco. While it does provide international services and can help overcome restrictions at airports, it is mainly a US-based company. It is known for its ability to reduce risks involved in delivering packages by streamlining the process while also being affordable.

Customers are automatically sent a notification when the order is shipped and at the time of delivery. While it is easy to install and use Shippo, it does not allow much customization.

3. After shipping tracking software 

Currently serving thousands of customers, Aftership is a Hongkong based startup. It is a software as a service-based company. It has the ability to quickly integrate with its partners for easy implementation of its process. Aftership routinely sends out notifications for updates at multiple stages through out the delivery process.

Aftership has an extensive network among shipping companies boasting more than 600 partners across the globe. This in turn helps them provide real time tracking of your order by providing online retailers with  their signature package tracking API.

4. Shipstation

It might seem like just another name on the list but Shipstation has a leg to stand on when it comes to competing in its respective market. With a wide network across three continents, with partners like Squarespace, Shopify and Etsy; it provides affordable global shipping services to its clientele.

Considered to be an easy to learn platform, it allows for quick integration with numerous selling channels and shipping companies. Mostly used by small businesses its partnerships with companies like quickbooks allows them to help said business with accounting and tax-based questions.

5. MetaPack

Earning its name as one of the best shipping softwares in Europe, this London based company provides its shipping software services to brands across the globe. In addition to their main feature which is delivery tracking updates it also boasts extra features like supply chain management, contracted pricing, and access to more than 350000 storage facilities across the globe.

Working with more than 400 partners they allow for their customers to have a variety of delivery services. They also help create shipping labels and customs documentation for better order management.

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