Top 5 Prank Apps to Download

Bee Buzz Prank

Most of us know better than to mess with bees. While trying the swat a single bee from time to time is normal (but not recommended) if you happen to see an angry swarm nearby it’s best to run as fast as you can.

‘Bee Buzz Prank’ plays on this fear and is fun for tricking friends with the app’s ultra-realistic bee audio.

Activated to play at just a push of a button you can make it appear a swarm of bees is in the room or somewhere nearby. Playing this prank is particularly effective in the outdoors where beehives could be potentially nearby.

Ownage Pranks

The Ownage Pranks prank dial app makes delivering hilarious prank calls to your friends effortless with no preparation time required.

With over 100 automated pre-recordings set to go, choose your preferred one and dial their number. Upon calling, you can relax and tune in live while letting the prerecording do its magic.

Prank Scripts are diverse which can be applied to a variety of scenarios- a colleague accusing you of blowing up the office toilet at work or a stranger claiming your dog pooped on his lawn.

If you’re looking for a specific type of prank script, you can save yourself a lot of time by browsing through their various prank categories. Some of these include Jobs and WorkPlace, Neighbours, Family etc.

A newer additional feature developers have included to the prank app is the choice to select different characters for specific prerecordings.

For example, in the prerecording ‘Weird Item For Sale,’ you’ll be able to choose either Rosie or Kourtney to play the prank.

Although scripts are essentially the same, the voice delivery will be different, giving you a little more variety.

Rubber Chicken

Similar to the rubber chicken toy, we can only guess why a group of developers decided to use this concept for an app. But we’re sure glad they did!

Take your outlandish pranks to the next level by using the Rubber Chicken app, perhaps our funniest inclusion for jump-scares this app will not fail in irritating someone to their boiling point.

‘Rubber Chicken’ is quite clever with its approach as there is a gradual build-up to the prank.

Initially, after holding the phone and gently shaking it, you will hear a faint chicken sound. After touching the phone screen, your friend ‘s will be bombarded with a loud screeching chicken sound blasting from the phone.

Voice Changer Plus

Making a prank dial isn’t for everyone, not because we don’t enjoy it but because executing a good prank call is not as easy as it sounds.

Whether you’re continually cracking up over the phone or being recognized too quickly from having a distinctive voice, the ‘Voice Changer Plus’ app is a must-download.

This app allows you to transform your voice during a prank call effortlessly, keeping you anonymous at all times. Offering numerous voice and background sound effects your prank calls will no doubt be that much better.

The voice modification feature enables you to change the pitch of your voice, ranging from lowest, low to high and highest.

To spice calls up further use background effects to add comedy relief to the call, these include cartoon characters, birthday songs and greetings done in many languages.

Although the app has a minimalist approach when it comes to their voice options offered, its ability to perform these changes during a live call makes up for it.


You may be wondering why we’ve included a remote control app as one of our prank additions. Although not designed to play pranks, if used in a certain way will drive even the most tolerant of individuals into insanity.

So how does it work? Upon downloading the app, you’ll notice it will act as a remote for your TV and DVR in your household. Once synced, the user will be given complete control over channel selection and a television’s volume.

Prank suggestions

Start by locking all of your friend’s favourite channels after they’ve completed a long work shift, giving access to the channels of your choice, i.e. preschool channels.

Another more subtle way is to decrease the volume ever so slightly every few minutes while their favourite show is on. A minor convenience at first but keep it up through their entire viewing time and it’s enough to drive anyone up the wall.

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