Top Google Certification Courses to Take in 2022

New Year is finally here and it’s the best time to learn new skills. In this tech-savvy world, most people go towards learning new technology, certificate courses, new languages, and many other things that are possible as per interest. Aiming to learn new skills as part of your New Year’s resolutions as new career certificates is a great idea.

In the tight job market and continuous needs for upskilling, obtaining Google Career Certificates will help you remain competitive. But people are often confused about where to start and how to start. No doubt YouTube and Udemy are great options to start, still learning from professionals who have great experience of it is excellent and clearer also. One of the best companies to learn information technology is Google through the Coursera platform since it has a lot of different courses related to programming, data analysis, and machine learning.

Google Certification Courses

Google Career Certificates are actually a commitment of Google to educate more people about cutting-edge technology. They prepare them for a variety of professions. The most important benefit of these Google certificates is that they will provide the learner with the most relevant and up-to-date qualifications. There are both kinds of certification options available here paid and free. Free courses on Google offer the same quality as paid courses. Both have a variety of modules to help the aspirant enhance prior knowledge of a particular subject, as well as to help to build on new digital skills.

Let’s discuss some such courses.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

It is a freely available course that is offered by Google is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. During this course, the learner will master the basics of digital marketing with 26 modules to explore. All modules are created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.

Associate Android Developer Certification

Along with this certification course, before deploying the career the Android developer has a presentation-based exam that a passing level or starter-level Android Developer must possess.

The prominent career certificates can get the learner to master home screen widgets, third-party libraries, and other features, to make his apps more responsive and provide a more complete user experience.

G Suite Certification

It is the best certification to learn G suite productivity collaboration tools on the Google cloud platform to learn how to work with services like mail, calendar, tasks, sheet, Google meet, and many more tools. This course Learn G Suite will teach to use these tools.

Google IT Automation with Python

Google has created this beginner-level to educate IT workers with in-demand skills such as Python, Git, and IT automation. This course has a six-course credential. It is intended to teach you Python programming and how to use Python to automate typical system administration activities.

It will also learn how to utilize Git and GitHub, diagnose and debug complicated problems, and leverage configuration management and the Cloud to automate at scale. When the learner finishes all of the program’s courses, he will receive a Certificate to share with his professional network. He will also access career assistance tools to help get started in a new job.

Google AdWords Certification

For marketers, Google Ads certification is a significant qualification. It is a practice by which Google recognizes marketers as online advertising professionals. There are six exams to follow in order to make the best out of this certification: Fundamentals Certification, Search Advertising Certification, Display Advertising Certification, YouTube Advertising Certification, Mobile Advertising Certification & Shopping Advertising Certification.

The Google Ads accreditation will be valid until the expiration of the product area certification. The certificates are valid for a period of one year. To renew the certification, aspirants must retake and pass the certification assessment in the relevant product area.

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is the new in-demand course. It is available on Udemy. The time duration of this course is only two hours. This course helps the aspirants pass the Google Analytics Certification. The tutors will also provide a downloadable PDF that contains the top 50 Google Analytics terms that the aspirant needs to know. It is a short-term course for beginners to start learning the basics of analytics. This course is an on-demand video service.

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam

The holder of this certificate will work with data such as collecting, processing, securing, monitoring data systems as well as knowing how to create machine learning models to leverage the power of this data.

Google Cloud Platform Certifications

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certifications are intended for professionals who perform around or with the Google Cloud Platform. Here the certification is beneficial for career and self-improvement. This certification is popular among professionals and has a low certification fee and a straightforward single test for the examinations. Participants will learn how to utilize GCP services and pre-trained machine learning API, also the learners can complete labs in their preferred language, such as Node.js, Java, or Python.

Building AI

Building AI is an Artificial Intelligence free online course by Google where the learner will learn about the actual algorithms that make creating AI methods possible. Some basic Python programming skills are recommended to get the most out of the Building AI course. It is a 50 hours course. Completing the introduction to AI before starting this course is essential.

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Google IT Support

This certification offers cutting-edge coursework that will prepare me for an entry-level position in IT support. When he finishes the course and passes the tests, he will earn a CompTIA and Google dual credential. Additionally, the learner will learn network services such as DNS and DHCP that aid in the operation of computer networks, as well as cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage.

If you want to join IT-related fields then earning these certificates will be extremely beneficial because they can be the benchmarks for being competent in many IT-related fields. They will provide you with a practical understanding of all essential Google software related to the course you have opted for, allowing the learner to easily implement the knowledge in any type of job. There is one thing that is assured is Google Career Certificates that will help you thrive higher next year!

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