Unusual Ways You Can Spend Bitcoins

Digital currency is becoming popular, and denying it as the payment protocol is quite hard. It offers merchants many benefits over credit card transactions and traditional fiat, and making the payment with Bitcoin is convenient and secure.

At a time, a person couldn’t use Bitcoin, but now they can experience several benefits. The first accurate purchase was made with Bitcoin in 2010 when a computer programmer paid about 10,000 for two pizzas, and the market price of those 10,000 BTC is now $6M.

Now, you may have come across several different cryptocurrency exchanges that have made things so much easy for you. If you are a bitcoin trader then you that now with the exchange, you can use Bitcoin as the mode of payment for goods and services. Each has its way of spending Bitcoin, and here you will find some unusual things you can purchase from Bitcoin.

Spend Bitcoin

A Venus Flytrap Plant

Do you want a carnivorous plant growing in your garden? If you do, then this Venus Flytrap Plant is one of the best options you can have! It is available at just $10, so get it now.

Adult Canadian Mammoth Tusks

People can even purchase ivory tusks from the extinct woolly mammoth species with Bitcoin, and it would be a great way to take a full circle between the past and the future. You would require about 290 BTC of today’s market price to purchase this.

A motorized Unicycle

Another way through which you can use Bitcoin is on a motorized unicycle. It is a personal transportation device that you can have self-balancing but with just one wheel. The rider can control the direction and EUC speed by leaning forward and backward. For those who never had enough balance to use a unicycle, this can be the most useful option that they can have.

Handmade Bitcoin Plush Pillow

Some people love Bitcoin so much, and to show their love of digital currencies, they can buy this handmade Bitcoin Plush Pillow. Once you have this cute Bitcoin pillow, you will not be able to wait to snuggle up with it.

Robo 3-D printer

A 3D printer may not be weird, but this Robo 3D printer will indeed print out some strange objects. It depends on the person’s imagination, so get this one and design whatever you want to.

First Apple Macintosh Model-128K

Now, you may have come across several Apple devices and computers. The person can purchase that with digital currencies, but you can even buy one nostalgic bitcoiner that will spring for the first model of Macintosh Apple. It was released in 1984.

People can even gamble online

When it comes to using crypto in gambling, that depends on where you live because, in many countries, online gambling or sports betting is not legal, so you need to check the rules and regulations first. If online gambling or sports betting is legal in your area, then Bitcoin is the best payment method compared to bank transfers and credit cards.

It is the safest option because it does not require personal details or verification documents; you just need to deposit the funds and start playing the games. Bitcoin can be considered the fast and non-refundable option, which makes it the perfect option for making payments for the service provider.

Support charities with Bitcoin

If a person gets the opportunity to do something good for others who need it, that can improve things. Donations can be sent in the form of Bitcoin you can send to various charitable organizations, including Greenpeace and Red Cross.

Sometimes, these charities will even help deduct the donation from the taxes, even if the payment is made in Bitcoin. The person can send the funds directly to the need of people.

Spend the Bitcoin for everyday needs

Bitcoin is one of the best electronic forms of payment which is why it is the best way through which you can get attracted to the virtual currency. In the last few years, Bitcoin has been widely accepted in many forms and places as an alternative form of payment because of lower costs and no risk of chargebacks or fraud.

Alpaca Socks

Alpacas and Bitcoin have a long history, which is true. The llama, such as animal, has been dubbed the unofficial mascot of Bitcoin. The Alpaca socks have become essential items you can buy with digital currencies.


These are some of the remarkable ways through which a person can spend Bitcoin. Not just that, but there are several other ways through which a person can spend this virtual currency in their creative methods that offer great value to the community.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.