Zamunda.NET – 15+ Fast & Working Proxy/Mirror Sites List [2017]

Zamunda.NET is a very popular Bulgarian torrent & peer 2 peer exchange network where users share their files, movies, tv series, music, software, games, e-books etc. to thousands of other users for free who are in desperate need of them. The site is being accessed by Bulgarian people and many other users around the world who want to get Bulgarian stuff for free. It is one of the most popular Bulgarian torrent websites which has a strong community of users who help & support each other.

The site is a very easy mean for people to download torrent files for free but recently, things started to go bad. Zamunda.NET started to banned from many countries and ISP networks due to the strictness of internet laws. Day by day more and more users are facing problem access Zamunda Torrent network.

The situation is very annoying and the reason you are here is also that either has been blocked in your internet connection too or, you want to find alternate ways to access before it gets banned for you. And, I am glad to tell you that if any of the both reasons was your aim then you’re at the correct place because here, we are sharing Mirror sites & proxy servers list.

Zamunda team & some internet volunteers have maintained Zamunda.NET clone websites to provide access to Zamunda even if its main domain gets blocked in any country. These clone sites have the same content, index & torrent files which are available at because they are scraped directly from there. Moreover, clone managers keep updated Zamunda mirror sites with the latest content gets updated on the main website very frequently to allow users access latest Zamunda content through its mirror site if they aren’t able to visit the main website.

Also, we are providing a list of some cool Bulgarian proxy websites where you can enter to browse it using them. You can’t use any proxy website because Zamunda only allows Bulgarian IP to access its website via proxy and here, we have provided the best of the bulgarian free web proxy sites to provide you many ways to access from this single place.

Scroll down to find the list of 15+ fast Proxy & Mirror sites.

Zamunda Proxy/Mirror


Speed Fast Fast Fast

Make sure to bookmark this article because we will keep adding more mirror websites & proxy sites which you can use as Zamunda alternatives if you aren’t able to access Zamunda directly.

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